The Crystal Dragon of Nital

The Crystal Dragon of Nital

The Dragons of Nital, Volume 3

Children - Fantasy/Sci-Fi
140 Pages
Reviewed on 06/25/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Rosie Malezer for Readers' Favorite

The Crystal Dragon of Nital is the third book in The Dragons of Nital series, written by Vik Walker. When Nathan and his magical ‘cat,’ Zaaz, make their way to Gimblet’s Book Store, they are shocked at what they find. With the store completely sealed off and with no access available, Nathan and Zaaz exhaustively try to find out what is happening and why Gimblet is not answering their calls. It is quickly discovered that Gimblet is missing, and with a new dragon egg ready to be hatched, Nathan and Zaaz are in a race against time, teaming up with Pinnip (an elf), Bortbach (a master dragon hunter), Sivle (a fairy), the Loch Ness Monster and more, in the hopes that they will find and reach Gimblet’s kidnapper, Levithius, before the crystal dragon hatches and Gimblet’s time runs out.

Vik Walker’s third book is just as entertaining, suspenseful and humorous as those preceding it. With Zaaz barely tolerating being treated like a cat, due to his true identity, and with the magical world turned on its head at the disappearance of Gimblet, Nathan suddenly has the weight of the world on his shoulders. The Crystal Dragon of Nital was effortless to read, as each and every page took a new, fun turn filled with exciting surprises. One of my favorite characters of the series so far would have to be Nessie (aka the Loch Ness Monster), who abhors being referred to in such a terrible manner. Many different parts of the magical world come together in this wonderful tale of a young boy, responsible of the safe arrival of the crystal dragon, as well as the rescue of his dear friend. A delight from beginning to end, I thoroughly enjoyed The Crystal Dragon of Nital, and recommend it to readers aged 7-12 (and the young at heart), who enjoy stepping into another world, and watching the action unfold from the safety of one’s own living room. I very much look forward to the next book in the series.