The Fallout from Shadows

Romance - Suspense
236 Pages
Reviewed on 05/10/2015
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Author Biography

Sandy Gent is a British-born author who now calls Australia home. She is currently working on her fourth novel.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Tracy Slowiak for Readers' Favorite

I must say, I love a good mystery. I also love a romance. And if you can combine those two things together and add in some suspense and interesting characters, I am pretty much in book heaven. Well, I found all of these things and much more in The Fallout From Shadows, the new book by author Sandy Gent, and the follow-up novel to the first book in this series, Wedding Day. In The Fallout From Shadows, we are reintroduced to characters Anna and Sylvia, Lucinda, Rob and Detective Inspector Gareth Wainwright. And of course, we are reintroduced to the Old Upton Manor Hotel, but it is closed for renovations. Each of the characters has followed their own path in recovery from the death that recently devastated them in Wedding Day, but when Detective Wainwright is assigned one last murder investigation before retiring, it appears that the lives of the characters we’ve grown to love will be turned upside-down once again.

I so enjoyed The Fallout From Shadows. I had not read Wedding Day, but I was able to follow along just fine in this novel. I plan to go back and read the first installment as soon as I can, I liked this book so much. Author Sandy Gent has a gift in writing realistic characters that will begin to feel like a person’s own friends and neighbors, and that certainly happened when I read this book. The storyline is engaging and intriguing, and I found myself needing to read the book from start to finish, I just had to know what happened in the end. I would recommend The Fallout From Shadows to any reader who enjoys romance, mysteries or just a good book. I will be watching to see when Sandy Gent releases her next book, because I know it is one I will definitely enjoy reading.

Rabia Tanveer

The Fallout from Shadows by Sandy Gent is a continuation of Wedding Day. After the ordeal of finding someone dead at one of the weddings, Sylvia and Anna have finally accepted the tragedy in their family and they are coming to terms with what has happened. Rob Mason has completed his novel, even after the chaos of a murder and the police poking into his business. Lucinda Young has gotten over the tragic ordeal, but Old Upton Manor Hotel is now closed so that they can add a spa on its premises.

Detective Inspector Gareth Wainwright has released the Old Upton Manor Hotel case, but before he can retire, he gears up to investigate another death, one which starts a vicious cycle of events and suspicions that will lead to people who were least expecting to become embroiled in a murder drama. The characters, Rob, Lucinda, Rebecca, and even Gareth will have to look past their uncertainties and self-doubt and discover their true selves, and find a way to stay focused on life rather than on the tragedies happening around them.

The Fallout from Shadows is a closure for readers of Wedding Day by Sandy Gent. The story is a little confusing at first (for those who have not read the first novel in the series) but after a few chapters, the reader is hooked and everything is crystal clear. The journey from self-doubt to self-discovery is beautifully depicted in this amazing sequel. It was a good read.

Maria Beltran

Sandy Gent’s The Fallout From Shadows is a continuation of the novel Wedding Day by the same author. As a prologue, Anna’s mother Sylvia is arrested by the police as a suspect in her husband’s death. As events unfold, she is exonerated from the charges and they find out that Anna is the sole beneficiary in her father’s will. As they slowly come to terms with this unfortunate event, passions are fulfilled around them. Meanwhile, Rob finally finishes his book and on its launching becomes engaged. Events happen in a fast pace when Gareth starts to investigate a death near the Old Upton Manor Hotel.

The Fallout From Shadows is a romantic suspense novel that will keep you guessing along the way. The story unfolds with the lovers Rebecca and Jonathan going off to another part of the world to make up for lost time. The lovers subsequently get married and Linda, Jonathan’s former wife, proves to be a cooperative ex wife. This story is juxtaposed with the events in the lives of Sylvia, Gareth, Anna, Rob, Dawn-Marie and Thomas. When a body is fished from the River Term, not far away from the Old Upton Manor, the plot literally thickens, leading to Lucinda, the hotel’s events manager, ending up together with a bunch of criminals. This is when the reader gets a little hint where the story is going. However, author Sandy Gent manages to keep me wriggling in my seat as to how the story will end, and I was absolutely not disappointed. Such an enjoyable read!

Jack Magnus

The Fallout From Shadows: Challenge a Shadow to Challenge Yourself is a romantic suspense novel written by Sandy Gent. It is the follow-up to her debut novel, Wedding Day; however, Gent includes sufficient detail from the first book to allow this one to be read on its own. Rob has finally finished his new novel, Catchment Two, and he is hosting a dinner party for his friends to celebrate the first printing. Anna, his close friend, is thrilled that he's not going to send yet another draft version for her to peruse, and she's been busily planning the evening's events. Anna's mother and her Uncle Thomas have finally been cleared of any wrongdoing in connection with the death of her father at the Old Upton Manor Hotel, where Anna and Rob first met. Her mother, Sylvia, reacquaints herself with Detective Inspector Gareth Wainwright, who investigated the death and will be retiring in a matter of weeks. Wainwright has also been an unofficial consultant for Rob, and he and Sylvia will be attending the book release party as well.

Reading Sandy Gent's romantic suspense story, The Fallout From Shadows: Challenge a Shadow to Challenge Yourself, felt like going home and renewing friendships with the characters I had come to know from her first book, Wedding Day. While Gent does give background information for new readers, I would most strongly recommend starting with that marvelous debut novel first. It's been a few months and many books since I read Wedding Day, but I found I soon became reacquainted with and absorbed in the stories of those characters I had first met at that point in time. I was quite pleased to see that Detective Inspector Gareth Wainwright had yet another challenging murder to solve, lending the book a police procedural aspect which is always welcome in these quarters. Gent's writing style is elegant and spare, and her books are a joy to read. Her characters are compelling and lifelike, and you can't help but get involved with them. I loved how this book followed on from its predecessor and am looking forward to the next book in the series. The Fallout From Shadows is highly recommended.

Tracy A. Fischer

In a fantastic follow up novel, The Fallout From Shadows by author Sandy Gent, we are again following the characters introduced to us in the first book in the series, Wedding Day. Lucinda, Anna, Rob Mason, and Detective Inspector Gareth Wainwright are all back again. Recovering from a death that occurred at a recent wedding, Sylvia and Anna finally might be ready to move on. Rob has finally finished his novel, and Lucinda is preparing for a time of rejuvenation as they have closed Old Upton Manor Hotel for remodeling. Detective Wainwright is preparing to start a new chapter in his life as well, retirement, and it seems as if all of our friends are ready to start anew. However, when Wainwright is assigned one last murder case, everything changes. Dealing with another murder, everyone must re-evaluate both themselves and the people they thought they knew.

The Fallout From Shadows was a very good read. It grabbed me from the beginning and I read straight through to the end. Author Sandy Gent is very talented at creating characters that are both likable and relatable, not always an easy task for an author. Her descriptions of scenarios and scenes are so lifelike that the reader will feel as if they are truly there in the situation. The Fallout From Shadows is a book that would appeal to any reader who enjoys mysteries, suspense or romance, and I recommend it. I certainly hope that author Sandy Gent is working on another installment of this very promising series, as I am looking forward to reading more from her.