This Cat Is Mine!

My Crazy Stories Series - Book#5

Children - Picture Book
26 Pages
Reviewed on 01/16/2019
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Author Biography

Daniel Georges passionately creates picture books that resonate with his understanding of the complexity of growing up. His quirky MY CRAZY STORIES series supports young readers in developing a deeper emotional awareness and self-confidence to better deal with the world surrounding them. Daniel's books won the attention and endorsement of juvenile literature supporting organizations among which the Anna Lindh Euro-Mediterranean Foundation and the Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation Dubai. He also won the Purple Dragonfly Award for best picture book given by Story Monsters Ink Magazine, the renowned Children's books literary resource for teachers and school librarians across the USA. With great feedback from kids, parents and educators, MY CRAZY STORIES books are frequently featured in the All-Star Top 100 most read children's books on Amazon.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Meet Johnny and Elvis, the two brothers in This Cat is Mine: My Crazy Stories Series by Daniel Georges. They share their bedroom and they have marked their territory by painting their sides with their favorite colors; blue for Johnny and green for Elvis. They don't like to share their toys either. One day there was a knock on the door and when they opened it, there was a big box resting on the porch. They took it to their room and placed it on the floor and a blue cat jumped out. They both started arguing over the cat and since blue was Johnny's color he felt the cat was his. As each one jumped on the cat to grab it, the blue cat disappeared in a puff of blue smoke. They were both very angry but could do nothing. Suddenly they heard a sound and they saw a green cat in the box. Elvis was sure the cat was his because green was his color.

The story is all about sharing and teamwork, and also touches on the topic of selfishness that sometimes exists between siblings. The author's approach to the subject is fun and engaging and the illustrations make it even more amusing and funny. I loved the format of the book; it is unique and different. I felt it is more like a comic strip. It is a good bedtime storybook and parents can teach their children about sharing and getting rid of selfishness. The messages in the story make it perfect for read aloud and storytelling sessions in classrooms and school libraries. Lots of children in the classroom will find Johnny and Elvis real and relatable.