Where Do I Go?

A Yada Yada House of Hope

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Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

This is the first book in the Yada Yada House of Hope series. Fans will notice some differences in this new series compared with Yada Yada Prayer. However, they will also notice some familiar characters.

Gabby is a great mother, but she is a depressed person. Her husband is controlling. She finds meaning to her life when she begins working at a shelter for the homeless. He gives her ultimatums to quit her job, give up her friends, and get over the God thing or he would divorce her and take their children away from her.

Neta Jackson does an excellent job breathing life into her characters. I did not like Gabby at first, but as the book progressed and her husband’s true character became known, I felt sorry for her. The ending of this book is abrupt. It is a cliffhanger, and I hope it will be resolved in the next installment. The moral of this story is that God is always there for us if we will turn to him and seek His presence. It is unfortunate that the next book in this series is not due out for almost a year. How can we wait that long to discover what happens to Gabby?

J. Pferdehirt

Half a million people, according to Amazon.com, read the yada yada prayer group series books. So did I.

So, I wondered whether I would enjoy a second series. Yes! This book (the first in the series) introduces readers to a somewhat depressed woman who seems to be casting about for meaning in her life. She moves to a new city with her husband. Their children are back east, finishing the school year at a private school. No friends. No contacts.

And, as the author moves into the story, the husband reveals himself as critical and self-absorbed.
At first I felt annoyed at Gabby, the main character. I thought, "stop being such a wimp." Then, I realized that Gabby was trapped in a marriage with a verbally and emotionally abusive husband. Suddenly, I didn't feel so annoyed by her inability to stand up for herself. I began to see the spirit-crushing, self-esteem destroying effects of emotional and verbal abuse. Her story began to look more and more like the stories of so many women I've met during years of pastoral ministry. I began to be on her side - wishing I could take her out for coffee and say, Gabby, you deserve to be treated with love.

This book is long overdue in Christian literature. Emotional and Verbal abuse is rampant - and often women don't understand that the criticism, silent treatment, name-calling or dismissing of their presence and words is actually abusive behavior. * Neta Jackson has opened a window into this reality for all of us and for the Christian community.

What I love about this book is the unexpected places where Gabby does find love. The doorman in their Chicago high-rise. A homeless woman who hangs out at the nearby beach. Then, a shelter for homeless women. A college-age Latino newlywed with a cute, anglo husband and an adopted baby.

These people change Gabby. They also prop her up during the tornado that happens when her abusive husband escalates his control of her and her entire life....I won't tell you how - read the book and find out!

This book moves beyond the Yada Yada Prayer Group series as we get to know someone seeking love and needing a place to stand that's safe and whole.

Once again, Neta Jackson uses music (the title is from a great song about "where do I go.....I go to the Rock."

* If this sounds all-too familiar, you might read The Verbally Abusive Relationship by Patricia Evans

C. Howsden

When the storms of life assail you, when life seems to be no more than a juggling act out of control, when all else fails, Neta Jackson's book gently reminds you to "Come Home." The characters are real and the situations of life all too familiar. The story encompasses all of life's trauma: verbal spousal abuse, elder care, homelessness, adoptive issues, relocation, parenting, floundering faith, etc. Everyone can identify with something in this story, especially the basic need to "Come Home." I loved this book and can't wait for the next one in the series!


Although this book is one of a series, it is a stand-alone read. I have not read any of the Yada Yada books, and yet I read this one without having any missing pieces. The protagonist, Gabby, is a likeable mother-of-two whose successful husband lands her in a high-rise luxury apartment in Chicago, right on Lake Shore Drive. Gabby's a free spirit--someone who thinks that Lake Michigan is made for her to dance in. She enjoys the simple things in life. Unfortunately, her husband wants a corporate wife--someone who will help him move to the upper crust of society. They seem to be polar opposites.

And that's where there's conflict. Gabby's perfect world begins to crumble, and the reader witnesses her scrambling to keep it together. Does she succeed? I needed a tissue for this one. The end does not conclude as I thought it would. Oh, you must buy this xbook and find out!


Love Neta's writing. Not real deep and a true escape from my own reality. I love reading about other women and their life issues and how they allow God to be involved in their life and the lives of their loved ones. And, Neta weaves an intertwining story through SO many different people-types; earth suits of all colors and from all nations. Loved the Yada Prayer Group books and I'm going to love the House of Hope series just as much. Way to go Sis!!!

Peggy J. Jones

This is an excellent book!! It is just as powerful as the previous Yada Yada books. You know that Gabby has received God's blessing when she meets Lucy. I have already placed my order for the sequel.

Alicia Holmon

This book has totally touched my life!! Please read it and I know you will gain a new relationship with the Lord.

Gabby is an awesome women to learned from and throughout the book.. I tend to focus on her and learned from a lot from her.

This book has touched many lives across the world I'm sure and I know gopd will continue to move through people's lives as they read it!

Get your copy today if you haven't read it and I know God will Bless your soul! :-)

Pamela J. Johnson

It was great to 'visit' with old friends from the Yada Yada series while meeting wonderful new characters! I simply cannot wait for the next book in this series to be released!

J. Esters

I am very pleased with this book just as I was with the Yada Yada series. This book is very inspiring and easily relatable to real life. I can't wait to finish and start the next one.

A. L.

What can I say- I love this author. I read the yada series and thought they were hard to put down and I loved getting lost in the plot. I found myself feeling sad to say goodbye to Jodi. However, here comes the house of hope series! Thank you Neta Jackson for not letting your readers down. You have not disappointed us. This book was refreshing and real. I can only say that Neta Jackson needs to write faster, because I am waiting in anticipation for book #2!!!

Susan K. Moore

This book shows raw emotion, intention, motherhood, and trying to be the good supportive wife. At first, Gabby is bored. Then, she has found a calling.
You'll have to read what happens in the book to know the rest but it is worth the read! I am truly looking forward to the next one. This book is Book One in a series!