Children - Mystery

The Ghost of Saddle Mountain

By Fred Whitman

Hoot Hart is a 12-year-old boy who enjoys exploring the woods and open lands around his home out in the country in The Ghost of Saddle Mountain by Fred Whitman. Not part of any group at school, Hoot is at home in nature and loves...

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The Tiara Mystery

By Karen Meyer

The Tiara Mystery by Karen Meyer is a children’s historical novel set in 1880s Dayton, Ohio. Young Claire Russell is heartbroken by the possible eviction of her family from their lovely home, which serves as a small boarding-house. With the assistance of dashing Orville Wright,...

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Lara's Journal

A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense (Hidden Motives Book 2)
By A. Gavazzoni

Lara's Journal: A Sizzling, Psychological Suspense - Hidden Motives Book 2 by A. Gavazzoni can be fitted into two of my favorite genres i.e. romance and thriller. Picking up the story after Behind the Door, Simone is taking a much-needed vacation after she was kidnapped...

The Bridge in the Fog

Book 3, Magora Series
By Marc Remus

The Bridge in the Fog by Marc Remus is Book 3 in the Magora series, but works excellently as a stand alone. An amazing gate painting made by Holly's late grandfather, Nikolas, was in fact a portal to the magical world of Magora. When staring...

The Mysterious Life Inside a Closet

By Mrs. D.

The Mysterious Life Inside a Closet by Mrs. D. is the wonderfully colourful story of a collection of characters living in a closet. The main character is a broom, who is bored with being shut in the closet all day. While looking for something to...

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Chapter One
By K.L. Farley

WoodWings: Chapter One is a children's adventure story by K.L Farley. When his grandfather dies, Dean's family are left an old haunted inn. The warning sign stating that certain death awaited those who passed should have been the first indication, and if that wasn't enough...

Beyond The Coat Cupboard

An Omnitube Adventure
By R. J. Sayer

In Beyond The Coat Cupboard by R.J. Sayer, we meet the intelligent, but somewhat grumpy Dot, a twelve-year-old girl who discovers that her coat closet in fact doubles as an Omnitube station to planet Earth. Not that it's much of an inconvenience. The planet has...

The Monster under the Bed

By Regina Puckett

The Monster Under the Bed is ghoulishly delightful children’s tale, written and illustrated by Regina Puckett. When a young boy, Jim, and his baby brother, Tim, move into the room upstairs, the long-time tenant from under the bed has much to complain about. Little Monster...

Danny and the DreamWeaver

By Mark Poe (aka Rich DiSilvio)

Danny and the DreamWeaver is a young adult, fantasy novella by the author Mark Poe (aka Rich DiSilvio) that is not only a wonderful mystery/adventure story through time, but an intelligent parable linking imagination and man’s thirst for knowledge. Mr. Poe’s story begins with young...

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The Abode

By Patricia Mather Parker

The Abode was run by Mrs Smilt and her husband. There were rules for everything, and severe punishments for any breaking of the never ending list. Fel had escaped, but not before becoming attached to some of the children there, specifically Molly, whom she had...