Children - Social Issues

Zesta and Friendship

By Patricia Johnson

Zesta and Friendship by Patricia Johnson is about a little boy, Henry Mandras, whose family relocates to Cialtro, Italy. Henry was a bit sad because he’d miss all his friends he’d be leaving behind. However, Zesta, the horse of many colours, was there to guide...

Unleashing our Baby Genius 2

Emotional Intelligence Affirmations Created Exclusively for Newborns
By Alicia Curley

Unleashing our Baby Genius Volume 2: Emotional Intelligence Affirmations Created Exclusively for Newborns by Alicia Curley with Ryan Curley is a delightfully uplifting book that reveals seven baby genius secrets. These baby genius secrets are symbols that represent the amount of love, peace, and abundance....

The Shnoos and Panoos Are Lost and Confused

By Catherine Copplestone

The Shnoos and Panoos Are Lost and Confused by Catherine Copplestone introduces young readers to the Shnoos and the Panoos, adorable and whimsical little creatures that have a wonderful life, doing exactly what they know they want to do in a garden where marshmallows grow....

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My Dad Got Hurt. What Can I Do?

Helping Military Children Cope with a Brain-Injured Parent
By Brunella Costagliola

In an effort to help children of persons employed in the military cope with a brain injured parent, the National Academy of Neuropsychology Foundation, along with Brunella Costagliola, has compiled a book entitled My Dad Got Hurt. What Can I Do? The National Academy of...

The Girl Who Said Sorry

By Hayoung Yim

The Girl Who Said Sorry is a book about gender identity in today’s society, written by Hayoung Yim and illustrated by Marta M. Forever criticized for her clothing, her body shape, her voice, her mannerisms, being too proud when winning, and being given so much...

Felipe Femur

By Russell Dorn

What would you do if you were a lonely skeleton living in a closet? Felipe Femur by Russell Dorn is an adorable children's picture book about a fun-loving skeleton that lives in the spooky village of Toonstone with his uncommon, but caring friends. Felipe Femur...


By Ralph Baldwin

Bucky is the incredible true story of a boy and his faithful dog, written by Ralph E. Baldwin and illustrated by Sudipta ‘Steve’ Dasgupta. When ten-year-old Jimmy discovers a large dog in an alley with a bucket on its head, the whole town makes a...

Love YOU for YOU!

By Precious Allen

Love YOU for YOU! by Precious Allen takes the reader on a journey in rhyme, looking at different abilities, different cultures, different languages as well as physical attributes and showing that whatever they may be, everyone is individual and should be free and proud to...

How Far Away is Heaven?

By Margaret Davis Ledford

How Far Away is Heaven? by Margaret Davis Ledford is an adorable and heartrending story that speaks about loss. Zachary goes to his Papa and Grandma’s house every day with his daddy and brother. They live two streets away. Zachary plays with Papa when his...

Firefighters' Busy Day!

By Maria Bostian

Firefighters’ Busy Day! is a children’s book for young, aspiring firefighters, written in rhyme by Maria Bostian and illustrated by Chris Danger. As firefighters clean their vehicles and make sure their equipment is secure, a call comes in that a house is on fire. People...