Christian - Fantasy/Sci-Fi

In the Eyes of Madness

Declan Peters Chronicles Book 1
By Michael Pang

In an excellent new offering from author Michael Pang, In the Eyes of Madness: Declan Peters Chronicles Book One, readers will be treated to a highly original book that will keep them obsessively turning the pages from the very first words all the way through...

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Into the Vast

The Chronotrace Sequence Book 1
By DJ Edwardson

In the first book of this series, Into the Vast, DJ Edwardson introduces us to Adan. Adan wakes up in a medical facility without any memory of who he is, and no physical abilities. He is subjected to painful treatments, uncaring attitudes, and no information...

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Immortal Reborn

Arianna's Choice Volume 1
By Natalie D. Wilson

Arianna is a Nephilim or a half angel, born to a mortal mother, Maireid, and the angel, Ganymede. She was the first of her kind and became a teacher and a healer to the other Nephilim. When she died, they pleaded for her return. Although...

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Darkness Bright
By Matt King

The setting is a world where the sun shines for fifty years and then there is darkness for ten long years. During the darkness evil will thrive. Darkness brings bewilderment, distrust, and dishonesty in to the land Lorasia. Lorasia is right on the edge of...