Fiction - Animals

Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch

By Kathy Penn

Lord Banjo is a dog. He’s actually a royal dog. At least, that’s what he claims based on his lineage to the Great Pyrenees, the breed declared by King Louis XIV to be the Royal Dogs of France. It doesn’t matter that Lord Banjo is...

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Legends Of Erin

Towards The Restless Winds
By Meadow Griffin

Legends of Erin: Towards the Restless Winds is a young adult fantasy by Meadow Griffin. Twins Fadin and Tase O’Callaghan are struggling to adjust to their father’s death and living in Aunt Kyra’s castle, where a green goblin hides in the attic. Events from their...

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Lady Justice and the Cat

By Robert Thornhill

In November 1971, D.B. Cooper hijacked a plane and then jumped with the loot of $200,000 he secured in the trade for the safety of the passengers. He was never seen or heard from again. The bills had been marked to facilitate tracing, but they...

Lady Joe

By Mark Saha

Lady Joe by Mark Saha is a humorous tale of a desperate man. When Lee Estes loses a prized blue roan named Lady Joe, he had no idea what amount of trouble he will be in. The buyer for Lady Joe wants his horse in...

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