My Punishment

By Spring Carrion

Aubrey had a loving mom and dad, and they were a close and happy family until that one dreaded day when a horrible accident took her dad, leaving Aubrey and her mom alone. To deal with losing her husband, Aubrey’s mom chose the bottle to...

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Miracle From The Mountain

By Mary Katherine Arensberg

"Miracle from the Mountain" is the retelling of the legend of Hazel. Deep in the hollows of the Ozark Mountains, Bella finds a newborn baby girl. She names the child Hazel. Bella raises the child as her own, teaching her the art of healing. The...

Men In My Town

By Keith Smith

In Lincoln, Rhode Island, 1974, Fourteen-year-old Keith Smith was raped and beaten. He broke out the rear window of the vehicle and memorized the license plate. While he did not know the man that victimized him, he could identify him. Smith was constantly looking back, terrified...