Fiction - Drama

Blood & Water

By Katie O'Rourke

This is the first novel I have read by Katie O’Rourke, and I’ll be sure Blood & Water is not the last. At first I started to worry about how well I could connect with the story, since we do get to follow five different...

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Beyond Forever (The Beyond Series)

By D.D. Marx

Beyond Forever by D.D. Marx is Book 3 of the The Beyond Series. Finn and Olivia are finally moving forward until Finn gets some news that knocks things off kilter once more and threatens all that he holds dear. Turning to Olivia’s best ghost-friend, Dan,...

Broken and Beautiful

By Elizabeth Courtright

Broken and Beautiful by Elizabeth Courtright is an emotionally intense, intelligently plotted, and masterfully written story in the genre of contemporary romance. Written in an absorbing first person, this story takes readers on a high emotional tide, exploring the dynamics of relationships between two couples....

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By Michele I. Khoury

Busted by Michele I. Khoury is a riveting story with characters that readers will enjoy. Twenty-four-year-old artist Gina McKenna is literally broke and she is about to spend the last of what she had left when a rich businessman buys one of her paintings and...

Booze, Broads and Blackjack

There's More to the Story
By Carl J. Nicita

Booze, Broads, and Blackjack: There's More to the Story by Carl J. Nicita is a gambler's tale. Jack King is a night time DJ desperately looking for a better show somewhere warmer, like California. His uncle is a crime boss, not that Jack tends to...

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Back Side Of A Hurricane

By Robert Schwab

Back Side of a Hurricane by Robert Schwab tells the story of a family with individual troubles and aspirations, all struggling with their own demons. Bellamy, once a high-flying sales person, suffers from depression and even getting up in the morning is a struggle. She...

Behind Prison Bars

By Sandra L Olson

Behind Prison Bars by Sandra L Olson is a riveting psychological thriller with an engrossing plot and compelling characters. Samantha Owens eagerly applies for and gets the job to fill the vacant position in the State of Texas prison as a Registered Nurse with obstetrical...

Binge Until Tragedy

By Ben D'Alessio

Binge Until Tragedy by Ben D'Alessio is a novel that explores social issues and one man’s journey to come to terms with a gnawing sensation he feels in the pit of his stomach, and his vices, a story with powerful psychological overtones. Joel Lupo lost...

Beyond Believing

The Beyond Series
By D.D. Marx

Beyond Believing by D.D. Marx is the romance all of us dream about. Olivia has lost her best friend to a horrible accident and just cannot come to terms with the fact that she will never see Dan again. She is so traumatized by her...

Blue's Point

By Richard Ferguson

Blue's Point by Richard Ferguson is a story with a strong setting and a well-developed racial theme, a thriller that will have the reader’s eyes glued to the pages. Meet ex-convict, journalist Steve Cox, recently released to the custody of old Jim Blue, the man...