Based on True Events
By Greg Shepard

Earthstains: Based on True Events by Greg Shepard revolves around the true story of two handsome young men in their twenties, George and Matt Kimes, who became famous for their sensational bank robberies. Their explosive careers grabbed the headlines and became news for the next...

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Eliza Waite

By Ashley Sweeney

Author Ashley E. Sweeney’s Eliza Waite tells the emotional story of a young, late 19th century woman whose life was littered with years of abuse, injustice, sickness, loneliness, and heartbreak. Her journey begins in her childhood Missouri where she is betrayed by a man she...

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Essie's Roses

By Michelle Muriel

Essie's Roses: A Novel by Michelle Muriel is a historical fiction novel set in the South during the years leading up to the American Civil War. Essie, a slave, is born on the Westland plantation at the same time as the plantation owner, Katie Winthrop,...