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Rat City

The Rat Chronicles Book 1
By Ree Kimberley

One great thing about young adult novels these days is that they are for everyone. Ree Kimberley’s Rat City (The Rat City Chronicles Book 1) is no exception. This book will keep you turning the pages as you become immersed in the landscape of teen-hood...

Oddities & Entities 2

By Roland Allnach

Whether it is the many years that Roland Allnach has spent working hospital night shifts or just an overly imaginative mind capable of shaping one of a kind horrors, the reason why he has won so many literary awards screams out in every dose of...

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The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women

By Kevin James Breaux

The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women by Kevin James Breaux follows the journey of warrior-woman Astrid the White, daughter of Kol, after she wakes up after her home of Birka was raided. She doesn’t know where she is, how she got to be there, or what...


By J. Kariuki

Corrosive by J. Kariuki is … horrifying. If you are looking for a horror story for entertainment, expect to get much more than that here. In fact, what you get—if you’re lucky—will far surpass any entertainment value and will touch the stained part of...

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Zombie Dogs SB-16

Book 2
By Ellie Douglas

In Zombie Dogs SB-16: Book 2 by Ellie Douglas, the book wastes no time in plunging the reader into a world of hungry, vicious zombie dogs. The future is uncertain enough when a new threat springs up and makes things even worse. Coma patients that...


By Michael Golvach

Having read for review Bloody Gullets and What I Did This Summer by Davey Fitz, (a short story related to the full novel, FiX) I, once again, have the distinct pleasure of introducing the brilliantly twisted mind of Michael Golvach to new readers. In the...

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A Tale of Monsters, Demons, Criminals and Fabulous Musical Numbers!
By Daniel William Gunning

This book with a very long title will have readers laughing throughout. A compelling blend of fiction and fantasy, it takes readers to a very unique and unusual setting, one that will remind fans of Tennyson's Lotus Eaters of another dream world with a powerful...

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A Debt of Survival

By L.F. Falconer

It’s true that the most terrifying horrors a human being can feel are in the mind and A Debt of Survival by L.F. Falconer aptly justifies this. The reader is introduced to a very compelling character, Don Lattimore, a man who had his stint in...


By Craig R Key

Craig R Key's Iniquitous is a journey into the unusual. Kevin Deidre and his wife Heather had a daughter, Abby, who at age three developed a brain tumor. A few years later, unable to care for her, they placed her in the hospital. A stranger...

The Fear

By Rae Louise

What do you do when the things that go bump in your dreams take form during waking hours? A normal person would attempt to run away as far and as fast as they could. But if you’re sisters Mia and Jamie, you live through it...

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