Queen of Crows

By S.L. Wilton

Queen of Crows by S.L. Wilton is a fantasy story with threads of magical realism and incredible characters that demand your attention. The story follows Sophia Pendergast’s journey to fulfilling her destiny. When her father was betrayed and killed by his brother, the future of...

Queen of the Warrior Bees

One misfit girl and 50,000 bees (Natural Forces Book 1)
By Jean Gill

Queen of Warrior Bees by Jean Gill is the first book in the Natural Forces series. The Forest is waking up. The Mages are preparing for war. Mielitta finds herself drawn into the middle. She’s suffered at the hands of two boys who haven’t given...

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Queen Of Black Sails

By P. J. Daniels

P. J. Daniels’ Queen Of Black Sails is a short fantasy tale that tells an adventurous story. It is packed with magic, sudden twists of events, and suspense. Everything begins when the protagonist, the daring Captain Sarah Chartimands, rescues an old friend after attacking a...