Fiction - Military

Guy's Odyssey

By Seth Bleuer

When you have jumps in time and place, and even the protagonist isn't sure where he is and whether he is dreaming or not, only one thing can save the story. That one thing is good writing. Guy’s Odyssey by Seth Bleuer is a very...

Gooseberry Island

By Steven Manchester

Gooseberry Island by Steven Manchester has its beginnings in a chance encounter between Lindsey Wood and David McClain, which sparks romance between them. The romance is kept alive through Skype when he is back on duty in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan he has to witness horrendous...

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Good for One Ride

By Gary McGinnis

Good For One Ride by Gary McGinnis is a moving semi-autobiographical account of the time spent in Vietnam by a Water Purification Specialist. Private Theo Garrett is part of the 2nd Infantry Division, 2nd Engineers. He and his fellow soldiers are in charge of making...

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