Fiction - New Adult

Bow To Me

By G. C. Julien

Bow To Me is a young adult and new adult coming of age/social issues story written by G.C. Julien. Kaitlyn hadn’t really focused on her sexual identity until that moment when Samantha walked into Mr. Tanore’s English class. She had had a boyfriend until she...


Book 4
By Jennifer Gibson

Hope: Book 4 is a young adult coming of age novel written by Jennifer Gibson. Jessie’s life was poised on the brink of big changes. She had been accepted at Sheridan College, whose illustration program was both challenging and world-renowned, but Jessie was used to...

The Carlswick Deception

The Carlswick Mysteries, Book 4
By S.L. Beaumont

The Carlswick Deception: The Carlswick Mysteries, Book 4 is a young and new adult mystery novel written by S.L. Beaumont. While this is the fourth book in the series, the author provides enough background information to allow this novel to be read as a standalone...

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By Shari Nichols

Haunted is a paranormal romance novel written by Shari Nichols. Karly was not in the market for a new romance. She was still recovering from her breakup with Chad, who had been unfaithful to her, and the store she and her sister, Sophie, had opened...

Desert Skies, Rebel Souls

By M.P. Tonnesen

Olivia Margaux-Alexander, who is from a small town near Copenhagen, Denmark, embarked on an exciting adventure. Just shy of her nineteenth birthday, she became a volunteer at a kibbutz in Israel, although her parents did not support the idea. She became instant friends with Hannah...

The Journal

By R. D. Stevens

The Journal by R.D. Stevens is a heartwarming story that explores themes of family, adventure, and the quest for meaning. Meet eighteen-year-old Ethan Willis, who sets out on a journey to locate the sister who’s been gone for years, travelling across South East Asia. Follow...


Volume 1
By Naomi Laeuchli

Holly(Woods) Volume 1 by Naomi Laeuchli sounded interesting enough to give it a read. The synopsis was brief but was still able to pull me in, lured by the world of celebrities and what might happen behind the scenes. Holly is our main character,...

Guardians' Betrayal

What happens seven years after adoption
By Johanna Van Zanten

First of all, the cover of Guardians' Betrayal by Johanna Van Zanten is very powerful. The novel brings a very relevant message to readers in telling the story of a family that is broken, but desperately trying to stay together. The story follows Shayla and...

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On Borrowed Time

Women of the Willow Wood, Book 2
By Lorraine Carey

On Borrowed Time: Women of the Willow Wood, Book 2 is a paranormal romance novel written by Lorraine Carey. While this is the second volume in Carey’s series, she gives enough background information to enable this book to be read as a stand-alone. Daniella Reyes...


Nomad Series Book 3
By K.A. Finn

Perses is the third installment in the Nomad series by K.A. Finn, and is a sci-fi story set in Earth's distant future, where an evil government called The Foundation rules. In a bid to extend their rule to other sectors, they embark on a secret...