Fiction - Science Fiction

Queens - The Wielders of Arantha

Book Two
By Patrick Hodges

Queens by Patrick Hodges is the second book in The Wielders of Arantha series, an excellent blend of sci-fi and fantasy. Can a deadly prophecy about an imminent destruction be avoided? Elzor is on the path to acquire absolute power and nothing will stand on...

Quantum Lace

Book One
By Leigh (Bella) St John

Quantum Lace by Leigh (Bella) St John is a remarkable science fiction novella about a young woman's introduction into the exploration of time and space. Bridgit lives with her father, Sir Frank Darnell, and a handful of servants in late nineteenth century England. Sir Frank...

Quantum Confessions

Who Chooses Your Reality?
By Stephen Oram

Quantum Confessions by Stephen Oram is a futuristic, metaphysical novel that follows the lives of the two main protagonists, Aled and Grey. The book starts with an introduction to both of them and then continues to describe their life experiences and how they intertwine. Aled...


By S. Alan Schweitzer

The book follows the story of a man named Howard Questor. He is a skilled thief and criminal; however, he seems to feel unsettled about his life of crime. During a fateful run his team of thieves had with the authorities, Howard seeks out a...

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