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The Alex Cave Series, book 6
By James M. Corkill

James M. Corkill’s DNA is the sixth book in The Alex Cave Series and it is an interesting treat for sci-fi fans. A ground-breaking scientific discovery, an ancient prophecy about to be fulfilled, and impending doom on earth are a great combination when deftly...

Driven to the Hilt

The Deepest Cut Volume 1
By D G Lamb

Driven to the Hilt: The Deepest Cut by D.G. Lamb is one of the most original and well-told stories I’ve ever read. First-time author D.G. Lamb has established himself as a new talent in young adult novels with this first effort. At its core, this...


A Short Tale of a Dystopian Far Future
By Clabe Polk

In a world where humanity has saturated planet Earth, there’s no time or place for any activity that doesn’t actively support the efforts to sustain the population. Art, philosophy, even the pursuit of knowledge for knowledge’s sake is deemed nothing more than idle self-indulgence. Derek...

Distant Family

The Chronicles of Mharc
By T.L. McDonald

Distant Family is awesome. I love space opera…when it’s done right. When it’s done wrong, it is boring and, to be honest, I can rarely finish the book. But when it is done right, I look for that author again and again. If you like...

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Dark Web Rising

By Eugene T Schurter

Dark Web Rising: Elastic Society Theory Part 1 by Eugene T Schurter is a captivating and fascinating sci-fi thriller with a futuristic feel. With cyber world espionage as the theme, the author reaches out to the current generation and introduces them to Stewart, who...


Octagon Concept Series Book 1
By Wilson Freighter

Drones by Wilson Freighter is a spellbinding first entry into the Octagon Concept Series, a novel that will arrest the attention of fans of science fiction. Benjamin Dashwood experienced a bitter divorce with his ex-wife, Jill, but they still feel a strong attraction for each...

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Domination Drone

The Era of the Drone Wars
By Gregory A. Rosenblum

Domination Drone: The Era of the Drone Wars by Gregory A. Rosenblum is a story set in the near future when the world is controlled by drones. It is the year 2039 and countries and their civilians are ruled and oppressed by drones, controlling everything...

Destiny of the Queen

The Brajj #3
By Jacqueline Patricks

Destiny of the Queen, third in the Brajj series by Jacqueline Patricks, concludes the entrancing tale of Cass Baros, Jeamon, and Captain Lewis. Through time untold, and across unfathomable distances, Captain Lewis and Ta’mat have been thrown into the future of the multiverse by...

Do You Realize?

A Novel
By Kevin A. Kuhn

Let me say right off the bat that I enjoyed Do You Realize? by Kevin A. Kuhn very much. I like the role that the popular music of my generation, the baby boomers, plays in this novel. If you look at the chapter titles and...

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Double Helix

By R. Patricia Wayne

Double Helix: Tempest by R. Patricia Wayne combines elements of sci-fi, epic fantasy, and dystopia to create a plot-rich and character-driven story that will arrest the attention of readers and entertain them beyond measure. It’s set in the future, in 2256, many years from now....