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A Time For Glory

The Time Warrior Sagas
By Martin L. Strong

The year is 2143 and planet Earth is at peace. The population is stable and protected albeit within firm guidelines. Individuals have enough food, shelter and unlimited healthcare, enabling them to live well into their second century. The authorities even provide genetically matched and psychologically...

Adrenaline Secrets

A Deadly DNA Novel
By Carolyn Reilly

Kendra has no idea what to expect when she finds herself thrust into a dangerous situation with a GV who already seems to hate her guts for no reason. But their short experience together in the jungle is only the beginning of something far more...

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Annals of the Five Moon Fleet

The Largoan War
By Charles Remington

Annals of the Five Moon Fleet: The Largoan War by Charles Remington is an exciting sci fi novel set on a spectacular habitable planet named Margareta (the Pearl) with five moons. It is endowed with oceans of fresh water, and a slightly denser atmosphere set...

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A Time and a Place

By Joe Mahoney

The changes were very odd, indicating an obsessive tendency to neatness — frequent flossing of teeth, cleaning of the bathroom, washing of dishes, combing of hair, and the excessive smile that lit up his face. These were the signs that something was wrong with Barnabus's...

An Alien's Guide to the Human Species

By Deb McEwan

An Alien's Guide to the Human Species by Deb McEwan introduces readers to the aliens of the planet Largo. The Terries love watching TV, and especially reality shows are a huge hit. When planet Earth is discovered, the species which regards itself as the most...

An Obliquity

The Perihelion Book 2
By D.M. Wozniak

Populated by the most intriguing set of characters to come down the science fiction pike in much too long a time, An Obliquity by D.M. Wozniak – Volume 2 of The Perihelion Series – satisfies that most demanding of sci fi readers’ desires: the need...

AM - Solid Glass

Part 1
By Dave Dröge

AM - Solid Glass by Dave Dröge is the first part of the second novel in the Amor Mundi series, a gripping sci-fi set in the distant future, with compelling characters and an awesome plot. It’s a story that will stun fans of novels where...


By Russ Watts

Russ Watts’ Adrenal7n follows Bashar, a Syria immigrant to England, as he desperately searches for a job. No matter how qualified Bashar is, as soon as potential employers learn he is Syrian, they shut down. After another failed interview, Bashar stops in a café for...


The Mithista Incident
By Scott Borgman

Angel: The Mithista Incident by Scott Borgman holds great promise for a series with characters that readers will enjoy. Meet Dani Taylor, a normal twenty-three-year-old girl who enjoys partying when she is not at her job. But after a night out with her best friends,...

Age of Order

By Julian North

If you are a fan of sci-fi, futuristic, or dystopian stories, or novels that echo the game of power like Divergent, then Age of Order by Julian North would be the perfect fit for you. Set against the backdrop of a futuristic, dystopian era, this...

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