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Playing for the Save

By Rachelle Ayala

Playing for the Save by Rachelle Ayala is book three in the Men of Spring series, a well-crafted romance that will delight fans of Nicholas Sparks. Meet veteran relief pitcher, Ryan Hudson, a professional baseball player who keeps to himself and who doesn’t want his...

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The Fading of Lloyd

By Kit Crumpton

What was it like to live with a mental condition in the early years of the 1900s? The Fading of Lloyd by Kit Crumpton captures a family’s story as they struggle to cope with the mental retardation of one of theirs amidst social changes affecting...

To the Stars Through Difficulties

By Romalyn Tilghman

To the Stars Through Difficulties by Romalyn Tilghman is a story that espouses the human spirit and the values of community; a story with a beautiful setting and characters that will make readers think about what they are doing for their community; a story that...

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The Journalist

By Leslie Weatherill

A small town weekly paper becomes the central hub in an appalling scandal in The Journalist by Leslie Weatherill. Zoey has just graduated from Berkeley and is looking for a job as a journalist. The only reply to her resume is from a small town...

The Unexpected Daughter

By Sheryl Parbhoo

The Unexpected Daughter by Sheryl Parbhoo is a very captivating story of how the lives of three people can be so opposite, and yet so similar. Jenny is a young professional from the old South, who carries with her the burden and baggage of a...

After d Dark

By Aderonke Moyinlorun

After d Dark by Aderonke Moyinlorun is a powerful novel with great psychological undertones, a story of abuse, revenge, and murder. Miki Daniels has suffered a lot from her childhood, including rape. After experiencing an abusive childhood and surviving the worst imaginable form of sexual...

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336 Hours

By Rachel Cathan

Rachel Cathan's 336 Hours is the humorous story of a young woman determined to get pregnant. Rachel is in her early thirties, a wife, and formerly successful career woman. Five years ago, Rachel quit her high-stress job to focus full-time on her current career; getting...

One Hundred Places

By Pedro Vasquez

One Hundred Places by Pedro Vasquez is a realistic fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of young adults and adults who enjoy bucket list novels and special needs characters. John Peter has Asperger’s Syndrome and has spent his life being sheltered...

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Brought To Our Senses

A Novel
By Kathleen H. Wheeler

Brought To Our Senses by Kathleen H Wheeler is a poignantly depicted fiction novel about the agony and trials of a family as they witness the decline of their mother as she ages. Jessica, Teri, and Elizabeth have begun noticing that their mother, Janice, is...

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Man On the Fence

A tale of family, friends, and four-letter words.
By John R Day Jr

Man On the Fence by John R Day Jr. is a compelling story with great potential to enthrall those who enjoy tales that are realistic, that capture ordinary life in a colorful way, stories with characters that are believable and, of course, memorable. Here is...