Fiction - Social Issues

All the Tomorrows

By Nillu Nasser

Where to begin reviewing a book as near perfect as All the Tomorrows by Nillu Nasser? Given this is literary fiction, which is character rather than plot driven, perhaps one should start there, with Jaya, the protagonist, and her husband, Akash, who love each other,...

Arms of Grace

By Eleanor Chance

Arms of Grace by Eleanor Chance is a soul-searching story that explores the power of unconditional love, following a woman who will do everything to protect the life of a helpless little baby, even risking her career. When a baby is abandoned at the hospital,...

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The Struggle of a People. The Triumph of the Heart. (The Windflower Saga) (Volume 11)
By Aleksandra Layland

Ansgar: The Struggle of a People, The Triumph of the Heart is part one of Aleksandra Layland's The Windflower Saga. When Ansgar survives an unseasonable and terrifying storm, he finds himself learning the true meaning of faith. At his journey's start, he was committed to finding the...


A Novel
By Carl Sever

Alphonse, a first novel by Carl Sever, is unusual, somewhat strange, even occasionally confusing…and yet, despite all that, it’s also unforgettable because of its unique approach, engaging plot line and powerful characterization. Alphonse is actually “Jimmy from the South”, a soft-hearted hobo who goes out...

Aunt Sookie and Me

The Sordid Tale of a Scandalous Southern Belle
By Michael Scott Garvin

Thirteen-year-old Poppy Wainwright’s mother is a drug addict and drunk who roams the United States, leaving Poppy to be raised by her Grandma Lainey in Arkansas. When Lainey dies, Poppy is sent to live with her grandmother’s sister in Savannah. Aunt Sookie is an abrasive...

After d Dark

By Aderonke Moyinlorun

After d Dark by Aderonke Moyinlorun is a powerful novel with great psychological undertones, a story of abuse, revenge, and murder. Miki Daniels has suffered a lot from her childhood, including rape. After experiencing an abusive childhood and surviving the worst imaginable form of sexual...

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A Matter of Issue

By Carollyne Haynes

A Matter of Issue by Carollyne Haynes takes a closer look at family relationships, elder abuse, and the problems that can occur when children allow greed and avarice to cloud their judgment of their family, once money becomes involved. It asks important questions such as...

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An Extraordinary Year

By Theresa Konwinski

In times like ours, when the spirit of consumerism is rank and rife, and when people tend to seek personal profit without caring about what happens to others or to the environment, An Extraordinary Year by Theresa Konwinski comes across as a powerful reminder of...


By Rebekkah Ford

‘Some birds cannot be caged, and I’m one of them,’ says the title character in Ameerah by Rebekkah Ford. Ameerah is an eighteen-year-old young woman living in the heyday of Prohibition, living her life by her rules instead of those of her upper class, snobbish...

As Told By Us

By Gabriella Meghan

Featuring mystery and murder, As Told By Us by Gabriella Meghan is a captivating story that explores the life of Layla Crimson, a young woman exploring her sexuality and indulging without bounds in lesbian relationships. Layla’s four years in high school haven’t been the best...