Fiction - Social Issues

Expecting the Unexpected in Derbyshire

By Margaret Sharp

In the world of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, there is never a dull moment. Mr. Darcy’s sister, Georgiana, recently married, has commissioned a portrait to be painted by her cousin Anne’s husband. Anne, estranged from her mother, Aunt Catherine, is in her final months of...

Eviction Notice

New World Order
By Don Trimble

Greed and the thirst for unlimited power are the driving forces behind the effort to eliminate a large portion of the earth’s population in Eviction Notice: New World Order by Don Trimble. Beginning with North America, people are told, during an interruption of the Super...

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Eating Bull

By Carrie Rubin

In Eating Bull by Carrie Rubin, Jeremy, an obese fatherless teenager, is struggling emotionally as well as physically. The story is partly about his going through counseling to gain control of his overeating, and his mother’s attempts to help him, despite other negative influences in...

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