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Realizing River City

By Melissa Grunow

Realizing River City by Melissa Grunow is a gripping memoir that will rattle the emotions of readers, having them navigate the gray zones of loss, the power of compassion, and the excitement of hope. A story that answers the not-so-often asked questions of womanhood. The...

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LOVE The Beat Goes On

The Beat Goes On
By Lynda Filler

LOVE: The Beat Goes On is a non-fiction memoir/motivational book written Lynda Filler. Filler was living the good life, albeit it wasn’t a life immune from the stresses and strains of modern times. She was a motivated and successful businesswoman, and while her marriage had...

Everyday Mystic

Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
By Theresa Joseph and Linda Fallo-Mitchell, Ph.D.

A woman records her spiritual journey and how she transcends in the enlightening non-fiction book, Everyday Mystic: Finding The Extraordinary In The Ordinary by Theresa Joseph and Linda Fallo-Mitchell. After years of receiving messages from the spiritual realm, Theresa begins to apply them in her...


The Power of Your Purpose
By Beth Stewart

Emerge: The Power of Your Purpose by Beth Stewart is an insightful and uplifting book that will guide readers to find their purpose. Everyone is searching for life’s meaning and whether one is young or old, man, woman, or child, they all want to feel...

10 Secrets to a Bestseller

An Author's Guide to Self-Publishing
By Tim McConnehey

Author Tim McConnehey in his book 10 Secrets To A Best Seller quickly points out there isn’t any self-publishing magic, rather it’s a lot of hard work and dedication. He makes a great statement that is very true for a writer when he says: “Success...

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Journey On

Finding You, Seeing You, Loving You
By Debbie R. Smith

Journey On: Finding You, Seeing You, Loving You is a nonfiction autobiographical self-help book written by Debbie R. Smith. Smith is a young adult, new adult and women’s mentor and coach, as well as a parent, and she shares the benefits of her life experiences...

How to be Happy Alone

A Single's Guide to a Satisfying Life
By Katharine Benelli Coggeshall

How to be Happy Alone: A Single's Guide to a Satisfying Life by Katharine Benelli Coggeshall is an insightful and motivating book for readers who are single and trying to find themselves. The book guides them to appreciate the wonders of being in single town...

Terror of the Red Pants Attack on Dorchester Road

By Nancy Seay

Terror of the Red Pants Attack on Dorchester Road by Nancy Seay is a memoir that will take readers into the episode of a horrific attack on the author and how she survived it, and her difficult journey of recovery. The memoir shows readers how...

Stoicism 2.0

How Stoic Philosophy Can Improve Your Life in the 21st Century
By Robert Harrison Woolston

Stoicism 2.0: How Stoic Philosophy Can Improve Your Life in the 21st Century opens with an explanation of the origins of Stoic philosophy. They lie in Greece where Alexander the Great, together with his tutor, Aristotle, succeeded in their search for Diogenes, a man who...

How To Make A Children's Book For Kindle

A Complete Guide To Formatting Of Children's Books For The Kindle
By Mark Watson

How to Make a Children’s Book for Kindle is not a how to write a children’s book guide. It will not teach you how to write or illustrate a children’s book. Instead, this book focuses on how to take your completed manuscript and illustrations and...