There are No Unwounded Soldiers

A Soldiers Poems
By David McDonald

In this collection of poems, David McDonald lays out the ugly truth of war and its negative effects on soldiers and on our planet. The poem, "A Poppy," was heartwarming in that it expressed the feelings of a flower who wanted to honor the fallen...

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True to Life

By Duane Ashley Poole

True to Life by Duane Ashley Pool is a collection of poems about everyday life situations. The author says that life as we have it at any particular moment is real, and there are two sides to any life situation. He writes about how we...

The Seeker is the Sought

Poems 1970-2010
By Marvin Richard Montney

The Seeker is The Sought by Marvin Richard Montney is a collection of poetry for anyone who wants to express to someone his or her feelings of love. Mr. Montney writes about the conditional, as well as the unconditional emotions in relation to love and...

The Beatles Discography

Volume One - The 60's
By Stephen E. Donnelly

Being an avid Beatles fan and collector, author Stephen E. Donnelly has always wanted a Beatles reference guide. Since he could never find one, he complied The Beatles Discography Volume One – The 60’s. This concise and complete guide lists all songs that the Beatles...

Through Loving Eyes

By Dave Caraccioli

In his book of selected poems, "Through Loving Eyes", Dave Caraccioli captures, with pristine, tender images, the spirit of romantic love. His words, in their simplicity and in their rhyme, bring to focus the all-consuming and passionate sweetness of being in love. The Poems (chapter...

Through Eyes Of Faith

By Mary Dixon

Mary Dixon is a talented poet. Her words grace the pages of her book. Through Eyes Of Faith. She successfully expresses her faith in a way I cannot. The first poem in her book is my favorite, Can You Imagine? The poem asks us to...

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The Thoughts of a Southern Stranger

By B. Michael Crabtree

Crabtree offers thanks to his mother and dad in Parents. He recognizes the sacrifices they made for him. He acknowledges the way they stood behind him. “And my life, the person I have become, is your only reward.” What Desires speaks of intimacy, of the physical...