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The Words Between Us

By Cassidy Chaffinch

The Words Between Us, by C.J. Blaise, is a book of memorable sayings that illustrate the joys and sorrows of love, as well as the gifts of life we take for granted. Each saying is a reminder to all lovers, whether they be old, young,...

Timeless Tales

Poems of Childhood
By E. V. Eklund

Timeless Tales: Poems of Childhood by E.V. Eklund is an anthology of illustrated poems for young children. The poems cover a wide range of interests and should appeal to pretty much everyone. Simple topics including animals, fruits and vegetables, friendships, playtime, creativity and emotion, short...


By Gary Beck

Tremors, a collection by poet Gary Beck, holds within its pages a grand combination of both free verse and rhyming poetry. His poems touch on his viewpoints of civilization as it is today, and where it has been. The words hit you like an energy...

Tango In A Teacup

Poetry of passion, grief, love and reclaiming your life
By Chris Foster

When you open Chris Foster’s poetry collection, Tango In A Teacup, you are presented with a variety of poetry forms, some one-liners and a few others taking up more than one page. The structure of the poem itself is one of being dropped into the...

Torn Poems

By Hugh Dysart

Hugh Dysart's collection, Torn Poems, threads in a professional career as a musician with stances he takes on politics, love, and the state of the world in which we live today. With all that passion, Dysart then creates poetry that conveys a certain authority that...

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The Slums of Nightfall

By William Wright Jr.

William Wright Jr.’s The Slums of Nightfall reads like a modern version of a collection of works by Edgar Allan Poe, but not by any means in a cheap, knockoff sort of way. This is brilliance in words. If there ever was a book that...

The Boat to Lullaby Bay

A Collection of Lullabies and a Counting Poem
By J.R.Poulter

There is nothing more soothing than a comforting lullaby. The gentle lyrics, often set to a simple tune, have lulled infants to sleep for centuries. Mothers everywhere make up their own little ditties. Some have survived through the generations and there are definitely some that...

The Unreserved Introvert

By Darryl Miller

The Unreserved Introvert is a true account of a socialite’s anxiety in an unyielding world. Written by Darryl Miller, the reflective stories on each page highlight perfect examples of the vast array of situations which might cause anxiety, fear or even a panic attack. Situations...

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The Generosity of 2am

By JC One Cannon

How does one review a book of poetry, especially “a collection of poetic musings reflecting more than three decades of previously hidden creative mastery” by a poet who, hitherto, has been a much sought after ghostwriter and freelance writer? The answer for me is, you...

The Spirit of Love

By The Spirit of Love, known as Glen

The Spirit of Love: The Spirit of Love, known as Glen is a collection of poems that have been written over a period of time and that have been consolidated in this book. The Spirit of Love is laid out and formatted in a clean...