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Seven Centers

By Paul Tait

An exquisite collection that will appeal to a wide audience, Seven Centers by Paul Tait is an enjoyable read. The poems are short and free, and infused with a life of their own. The style is unique and the tone is poignant. I enjoyed the...

Salted Caramel

By Jalaysha Malik

Jalaysha Malik’s poetry collection Salted Caramel brings to life the past, present, and future of African Americans, each with their own chapter. The poet pours out their journey and tribulations and uses first person to do so. Her words don’t hold back, and they shouldn’t....

Something Completely Odd

Poems and Ramblings
By Christopher Dyer

Something Completely Odd: Poems and Ramblings by Christopher Dyer is, as the title suggests, a collection of poems and musings on love and life. This is a short read, yet the content of some of the poems encompasses not only love, sadness, and human emotion,...

Something Completely Crazy!

More Poems and Ramblings
By Christopher Dyer

Something Completely Crazy! More Poems and Ramblings by Christopher Dyer is a compilation of poetry that runs from light to serious, homely to amusing. Each poem in the book manages to feel authentically Dyer's, whether he is speaking on his passion for horses or dipping into...


By Amber Anderson Smith, Marissa Williams, Rachel Rankins, Alexis Walters

As the seasons unfold in the sleepy, picturesque town of Springfield, residents prepare for the fate of their beloved Mighty Oak. The memories and emotions surrounding that giant tree in the center of town make the decision to fell the beloved tree more than difficult....

Sticks and Stones Falling From the Sky

By Andrew Daniels

The Great Depression, metaphors, Wall Street and love are some of the poems that you will read about and discover in Sticks and Stones Falling From the Sky. Andrew Daniels has intertwined an inspiration of old and new, love and intimacy, and music and art...


A Tall Titillating Tale
By Ron Weinkauf

Six: A Tall Titillating Tale by Ron Weinkauf is a smooth amalgamation of humor, science fiction, and adventure that makes this story really entertaining. The narrative is almost lyrical, which gave a new depth to the story. The story begins when our hero comes across...

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Spirit Quest

By Bob MacKenzie (poet), Sharlena Wood (illustrator)

Spirit Quest by poet Bob MacKenzie and illustrator Sharlena Wood was a beautiful book of poetry. Throughout the book were gorgeous illustrations that matched the written poems perfectly. The poems themselves told stories of mountains, lakes, cabins, woods, and other serene settings. You can’t help...

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Sand 'n Ashes

By Paul Tait

Sand 'n Ashes by Paul Tait is a collection of ninety-five poems that covers everything from love to affection to anguish to transcendence and everything in between. The poems look deceptively easy and simple, but when you read further, you realize that there is something...

Sing It For Me

By John Lawton Jeffcoat, Jr.

Sing It for Me by John Lawton Jeffcoat, Jr. is a splendid composition of lyrics, poems, and words that will inspire readers profoundly, an interesting compendium featuring lyrics that touch on a diversity of themes; some read like conversations, others like insightful monologues, and others...