Captive in Truth

By Gume Laurel III

“In Truth, all is black or white. There is no room for color nor gray; no indecision here.” And so goes the rule of an organized religion known as Truth. Yet Castor, an ardent believer and follower of this religious community, will discover that there...


By Daniel Scuderi

Told from the perspective of Chris Brennan, a modern-day equivalent to Adam, he meets Camilla, his Eve. As they fall in love and begin their life journey together, events take a drastic turn when they enter a futuristic world filled with war and destruction. Checkpoint...

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Tales of the Mystics, Book One
By Laurie Lucking

Common by Laurie Lucking is about a chambermaid named Leah Wellstone. Unbeknownst to everyone (not her mother and even her best friend, Gretchen) she had been enjoying a secret friendship with Raphael, the Crown Prince of Imperia. When she stumbled upon a plot to overthrow...