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Blue Religion, The

New Stories about Cops, Criminals, and the Chase
By Michael Connelly

Fans of crime fiction will enjoy The Blue Religion, edited by renowned mystery writer Michael Connelly. The Blue Religion brings readers closer to the life of the men and women that put their life on the line daily. The nineteen short stories, written by the...

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From Jerusalem to Jerusalem

By Louise Prister

From Jerusalem to Jerusalem follows a Jewish family through WWI and WWII. They learned to survive hunger, torture, loneliness, and fear. Prejudice against their Jewish heritage brought cruelty. The central character is Riva. She worked hard to keep her family alive. They endured starvation, the...

Child 44

By Tom Rob Smith

People were starving to death in the 1933, Ukraine, Village of Chervoy. Pavel salivated when he saw a cat; the young boy captured the pathetic creature and killed it, knowing his family would eat that night. However, he never returned home, His younger brother and...

Generation NeXt Marriage

The Couple’s Guide To Keeping It Together
By Tricia Goyer

Many of the issues in Generation NeXt Marriage are challenges faced by people of all ages but magnified for GenXers. Marriage usually begins with dreams of growing old together, true love and till death do you part. Then comes the day you look at your spouse...

Get Out Of That Pit

Straight Talk about God’s Deliverance
By Beth Moore

Beth Moore does more than allow readers a peek in her life. She throws the doors open and invites them in. Moore admits to living in “the pit,” and she shares her testimony. The Lord lifted her out of the pit. Psalm 40 clearly states...

The God of Sex

How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality
By Peter Jones

Peter Jones courageous tackles the topic of sexuality. God created everything and declared it good. It is in the scriptures; check out Genesis. However, man has perverted what God has created. The first section of The God of Sex discusses paganism. Wicca, New Age, Ecumenicalism, are...

Greatest Words Ever Spoken, The

Everything Jesus Said about You, Your Life, and Everything Else
By Steven K. Scott

Steven K. Scott has taken the words of Jesus Christ and organized then by topic. There are eight sections including: What Jesus said about Himself, the Father, believers, eternity, etc. However, this book is much more than that. We all have questions we would like to...

Half-Life/Die Already

How I Died & Lived To Tell About It
By Mark Steele

Mark Steele author of Half-Life/Die Already writes with humor and wisdom. Both Mark and Kaysie were Christians when they met. Each distinctly heard the voice of God (at different times). The Lord assured each that they were meant to marry. If only more people waited...

Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World

By Joanna Weaver

There are but a few short sentences in the Bible concerning Mary and Martha, yet those sentences pack a message that still cries out to people today. These two women opened their home to Jesus Christ. Mary sat at His feet listening to Him while...

He Loves Me He Loves Me Not

By Trish Ryan

Trish Ryan courageously shares her spiritual journey. She was raised in a Christian church and went to Sunday School each week. Her teacher told her about Jesus, prayer, and scripture; but she never really got the “Jesus thing.” A deep desire welled up in her....

Hokey Pokey

Curious People Finding What Life Is All About
By Matthew Paul Turner

Matthew Paul Turner, author of Hokey Pokey, shares the stories of other people. Turner learned long ago the importance of listening. Few people have learned that lesson. He shares his experience of volunteering in a nursing home. Bingo Night was the highlight of the resident’s...

Hopeful Parenting

Encouragement for Raising Kids Who Love God
By David Jeremiah

After watching the evening news or reading the headlines, you may have decided that it is impossible to raise Godly children. Scripture tells us that “with God all things are possible.” David Jeremiah offers parents words of support. “To be called “Mom or Dad is...

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How Strong Women Pray

By Bonnie St. John

How Strong Women Pray is edited by Bonnie St. John. She brings her life experiences to this remarkable collection. How Strong Women Pray is a collection of stories from women that have faced the trials of life and overcome them; from hearing impairment to loss...

How to Get Your Husband to Listen to You

Understanding How Men Communicate
By Nancy Cobb, Connie Grigsby

All women want their husbands to listen to them. However, are wives truly listening to their husbands? A man wants to feel special; he wants to feel wanted, loved, and needed, yet many times we wives give just the opposite impression. In a loving and...

How to Make Life Work

The Guide to Getting It Together and Keeping It Together
By Michelle McKinney Hammond

God created each of us to be unique individuals with unique talents. He has a master plan for our lives, but he also created us with freewill. We unlike any of his other creations; we make decisions for ourselves. Along with those decisions come consequences....

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I Can Read God's Word

By Phil A. Smouse

Different child-friendly bible passages fill this fun book. Joy in God, lost lambs, security with God, and being good are topics that are explained through bible stories. Each passage flows into another one. The illustrations are bright, round, and with a lot of...

This Divine Night

By Mary Caelsto

This Devine Night is a delightful holiday romance. Claire and Neil meet while listening to a children’s choir. His heart was breaking from the loss of his daughter. Seeing his pain, Claire reached out to him. She knew the pain of loss. Her ex-fiancé had...

Dead In Red

By L.L. Bartlett

Life has not been the same since Private Investigator Jeff Resnick barely survived a mugging. The trauma of a ball bat to the head left him with the ability to “read” people. Tom Link, owner of Whole Nine Yards, offers Jeff a job as a...

Dead Ringer

By Mary Burton

Mary Burton’s book I’m Watching You was good, but it is not close to being as good as Dead Ringer. She has developed the characters into tangible personalities. The characters are lovable, with the exception of 3 creeps. Kendall Shaw is a pain-in-the-butt reporter that you...

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Embittered Justice

By Michaela Riley

Occasionally, a book comes along that grabs your attention and will not let go. Embittered Justice is one of those books. When I started reading Embittered Justice, I truly thought it was a true story or inspired by an actual event. After checking, I discovered...