The God of Sex

How Spirituality Defines Your Sexuality

Non-Fiction - Health - Fitness
240 Pages
Reviewed on 03/11/2009
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Anne Boling for Readers' Favorite

Peter Jones courageous tackles the topic of sexuality. God created everything and declared it good. It is in the scriptures; check out Genesis. However, man has perverted what God has created.

The first section of The God of Sex discusses paganism. Wicca, New Age, Ecumenicalism, are all gaining popularity. Liberated marriages and liberated sex, liberated families and liberated gender are terms many of us “older folk” never thought we would hear.

Young people today want an open, frank discussion of sexuality. They are begging for guidance from Christian leaders. Yet the church prefers to hide its head in the sand and hope the questions will go away. People are besieged by the readily available pornography, abortion, the promotion of homosexuality, and promiscuity. It is no wonder today’s young adults are asking questions.

The second part of The God of Sex returns us to basic Biblical beliefs. Many will not like Jones’ message. Everything God created is good. Jones continues by discussing God’s holiness and the relationship with sexuality.

Not everyone will appreciate this book. It is boldly to the point. Jones calls for a Holy relationship with God, and that includes Holy sexuality. This is a very important book for all Christians.

Joshua D. Jones

The first three chapters were tough to get through as he highlights the teachings of radical pagan theorists. I thought this might end up being one of those "look how dumb the other side is" type book in the culture wars.
But then the book exploded into one of the most well thought out explainations of how our theology and sexuality intertwine. He presents sexuality as a sacrament of who God is and thus different sexualities represent different gods. It was a scripturally and intellectually rich book and am suprised that it is not a higher seller.

M. J. Keel

In this most helpful volume Dr. Peter Jones proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that your view of God and reality will profoundly influence your view of sex. This is a must read for people on both sides of the various debates over gender, gender roles, and sexuality in the Church and society. Dr. Jones does occasionally use loaded language and little asides that will anger some, but not nearly as much as in his other books. By and large this book is a reasoned and kind.

The first half is an explanation of Christian and Pagan world-view and how sex is intimately connected to and profoundly affected by our view of the world. Each view is present in our culture in various ways, and Dr. Jones shows effects these view have had and are having in society. The second part, worth the price of the book alone, is a clear, easily understandable, and comprehensive exposition of the bible's teaching on sexuality. Whether you hold a traditional view of sex or a more "progressive" one you will want to read this section carefully.

This book is timely and a must read for all if for no other reason than to get a new (or old depending on your point of view) perspective on the debates over sex, marriage, and sexuality