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Fatal Kidnapping

By Tracy Evans

A day never went by without Katie Stone calling her father at least once, but on that fateful day she didn’t call. She and fiancé Caleb had agreed to meet for dinner, but she didn’t show up. Something was wrong; Katie was missing. Terrified her...

Fearless Fourteen

A Stephanie Plum Novel
By Janet Evanovich

I was disappointed with Mean Thirteen, but I feel Janet Evanovich is back on a roll with Fearless Fourteen. I am a Stephanie Plum fan. Frankly, I like all of the Plum books. She comes across smarter in this book; her character is maturing. The supporting...

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Flight To St Antony

By Tony Blackman

One of the first things I noticed about Flight To St Antony was the Dramatis Personae and Acronyms and Definitions. Both are invaluable to this book. There are a great many characters in this book and the official jargon can be daunting to someone not...

George Washington Stepped Here

Karen Maxwell Mystery Series #1
By K.D. Hays

Karen Maxwellhas been waiting to get a real case. Finally, her brother/boss offers her the opportunity to do some real investigating. Actually, he thought he was getting rid of a case he did not want to handle, and that it would be boring. It appears the...


By Karen Harrington

Does our DNA predetermine our behavior? Should a spouse be held responsible for the actions of his/her partner? Jane Nelson suffered a miscarriage. It left her depressed, for which she was receiving treatment. Then, she did the unthinkable; she drowned her child, two and a half...

Lost Souls

By Lisa Jackson

Lost Souls by Lisa Jackson opens with gripping details of a ritual sacrifice. You can almost smell the fear of Rylee as she lies paralyzed but able to see, hear, and feel her terrifying ordeal. Four girls were missing from All Saints College, Baton Rouge,...

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Men Without Redemption

By Nick Gallicchio

Men Without Redemption is a fictionalized look at organized crime and the families whose existence revolves around it. The Farina Family controlled gambling, bookmaking, and labor unions. The members of this “family” were well known and thought of in their community. Romolo was a pleasant...


By Cynthia Depre

Olivia Chatham ,wanna-be private eye, keeps one smiling and laughing with her quirky, loveable ways. Tucker Monroe is mystified by such an adorable woman…is she for real? Tucker Monroe attends Olivia’s parents Christmas Party with Cheryl Meckenberg. Later that night she is found murdered. Olivia is...

Ready For The Defense

By Mike Langan

As I read this book I kept picturing a cross between Mike Connors as Mannix and Raymond Burr as Perry Mason. Grant you I know Mannix was a PI and not a lawyer yet he came to my mind and I know...

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Award Winner

Reluctant Smuggler

To Catch a Thief Series #3
By Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Jill Elizabeth Nelson bringsback fan’s favorite Desiree Jacobs in Reluctant Smuggler number three in the “To Catch A Thief Series.” Desiree Jacobs throws herself in to her work as an expert cat burglar to keep her mind off the death of her father. Reluctant Smuggler...

Say Goodbye

A Reluctant Sleuth Mystery
By E. J. Rand

Say Goodbye began with the death of an auditor. The roads were snow-covered and slick. Was it an accident or murder? Suspecting murder, Norman’s wife turned to Gary for help. It had been less than a year since Sarah’s death. Gary still mourned for her....

Slip of the Knife

By Denise Mina

Patricia (Paddy) Meeham’s life was looking up. Her five year old son is a wonderful child. She had just moved into her first apartment. She liked her job as a journalist and even had her own column. Then the door bell rang. It was a reporter...

Sweetgum Knit Lit Society, The

By Beth Pattillo

The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society takes place in a small town in Tennessee. A group of ladies of assorted ages get together on the third Friday of every month to review a book they read and to show an item that they knitted to go...

Vanishing Act

By Todd McCormick

Nick O’Shea liked freedom, freedom to pick up and go at his will. He lived on the Windwalker, a boat he had inherited from his uncle. However, things were changing in his life. He had met Sandy, and he knew he wanted to spend the...

What Never Happens

By Anne Holt

Someone is killing celebrities.  A talk show host is murdered. The murder precisely cut out her tongue, split it, and displayed in an origami vase.  A politician is murdered and nailed to a wall with the Korean stuffed between her splayed legs. It is difficult balancing...

The World In Her Arms

By Josie Thomas

Sam Wade was heartbroken when his wife did not recognize him. Angelina had disappeared eight months ago. She does not remember her husband, children, or her even own name.   Angelina found herself attracted to her husband even if she did not remember him. Sam suspected...

The Whole Truth, The

By David Baldacci

I admit I have read rumors on the internet and rushed to email the comments or link to acquaintances, only to later find out it was a hoax. By then it was too late; I had unknowingly assisted in a smear campaign. I had contacted...

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Written in Blood

A Forensic Handwriting Mystery
By Sheila Lowe

Handwriting specialist, Claudia Rose was asked to assist Paige Sorensen in proving that she did not forge her late husband’s will. The will left Sorensen’s entire estate to his wife, including Sorensen Academy, a school for troubled rich kids. When Claudia met Annebelle one of...

35 Miles From Shore

The Ditching and Rescue of ALM Flight 980
By Emilio Corsetti III

The fifty-seven passengers and six crewmembers of ALM Flight 980 departed JFK International Airport for St. Marten, never expecting to be fighting for their lives a few hours later. The pilot could not warn the passengers of problems, because the PA system did not work....

And Now I Grieve

By Ruth Maples

When two people marry, they become one. We laugh jokingly about our better half, but in reality, our spouses do become our other half. Ruth and Larry Maples were married for forty plus years. I can only begin to imagine her pain when she lost...