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Christmas at Mistletoe Ridge

A heartwarming holiday romance to read by a cozy fireplace
By Angie Ellington

Christmas at Mistletoe Ridge by Angie Ellington is a sweet and clean cozy Christmas story that is beautiful to read during the holidays. Cole Stevens is in the small town of Birch Falls for only as long as it takes to make a land deal....

Spring in Lilac Glen

A small town sweet romance
By Angie Ellington

Spring in Lilac Glen by Angie Ellington is a cheerful and joyous shorter novel that will delight her readers. Julianne (Jules) Baker is a successful photographer living in New York. But her dreams and paychecks are not as fulfilling as she had expected when she...

Love at the Salted Caramel Cafe

A deliciously sweet romance in the VA mountains
By Angie Ellington

Love at the Salted Caramel Café is the latest romance novel by author Angie Ellington. This book is a contemporary tale set in scenic Virginia and follows Sierra Blake as she returns home after a break-up leads to her losing her job. Sierra is a...

Dancing by the Moonlight

Carlisle Bay
By Angie Ellington

Dancing by the Moonlight (Carlisle Bay) by Angie Ellington is a captivating romance that follows a professional ballet dancer’s life after an injury derails her career. Olivia Shields returns to live and work with her aunt in Carlisle Bay, Connecticut, as she recovers from a...

Dancing by the Christmas Lights

Carlisle Bay Duo Series Book 2
By Angie Ellington

Dancing by the Christmas Lights: Carlisle Bay Duo Series by Angie Ellington is the second installment of this enjoyable series. Brady Carlisle and Olivia Shields are in love and happy together in Carlisle Bay, Connecticut. The couple’s life is almost perfect, but Brady is worried...