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Mirror, Mirror

By Christina Engela

Mirror Mirror by Christina Engela is a science fiction fantasy that would have fitted perfectly into the old TV show The Twilght Zone if it were still around today. It's the story of two men in two different dimensions, who are unknowingly swapped. One is...

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Space Sucks!

By Christina Engela

The rise of science fiction as we know it stemmed from short stories published in feature magazines by authors like Asimov, del Rey, and van Vogt. Short stories are an ideal medium to convey snapshots of imaginary worlds while limiting exacting details that would detract...

Other Kids Are Kids Almost Just Like You

By Christina Engela

All kids are the same. They run, they touch, they learn, and work hard daily so that they can grow. They laugh, they share, and they make friends. They cry when they get hurt, and at night they go to sleep. Kids can be different...