Clio's Colorful Quest

Children - Picture Book
64 Pages
Reviewed on 05/21/2019
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Author Biography

Ever since she was a little girl, Aloubell loved to draw. Her initial dream was to become an animator, but after acquiring a love for reading, she knew that the path meant for her was one that combined literature and art. With God's help and a lot of inspiration, she was able to improve her art style over time until she came to a point where she felt confident enough to finally put herself out there and publish a book. Aloubell wanted to make a work of art that wouldn't simply fade away into the deep fog that is the internet. She wanted something tangible that others could come back to time and time again. The hope is not only that people enjoy her art and her story, but that Clio's Colorful Quest also inspires the creativity and imagination of those who read it.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite

Clio's Colorful Quest is an adventure-themed picture book for children written and illustrated by Aloubell. In her introduction, the author indicates that Clio represents “the process where I try to decide the color palette of a drawing;” which she describes as being one of her five creative processes or “mascots.” While Clio starts out her story and adventure with her “normal” color choices -- purple eyes and dress, and long black hair -- she changes those external choices as her story progresses and as she discovers more about herself. As Clio begins to fly with flowers, her dress and hair take on the golden and mauve tints of her surroundings. Her movement into the wintry realm of ice, snow and clear nighttime skies sees her color palette simplified to reflect the stark contrasts of wintertime. The reader follows Clio as she discovers more and more about her world and herself, and they can see how her color palette changes with each new adventure. When she decides to expand her search to the encompass the entire globe, the reader sees her vividly considering the variety of hues available to her.

Clio's Colorful Quest celebrates the power of the imagination and the wonders of our natural world as Clio travels the globe and learns about herself in the process. Aloubell’s story is the stuff of fantasy, and her artwork is equally enchanting. As I explored Clio’s world, I was especially impressed with how the artist shares her love for, and knowledge of, colors with young readers. Each new adventure and page offers caregivers and children alike the opportunity to study the artist’s palette choices and see how Clio’s environment, mood and feelings are graphically represented. I loved the color chart Aloubell shares with the reader as Clio searches the world and explores utilizing the gift of song. The artwork and storyline are lovely; however, their use as inspirational tools to get kids and adults alike creating their own palettes and exploring their own worlds is what really got me excited about this book. There’s much to discover along with Clio, and it’s well worth the time spent doing so. Clio's Colorful Quest is most highly recommended.

Robin E. Williams

Clio's Colorful Quest by Aloubell is about a curious young girl, Clio, on a quest of self-discovery. She travels through vibrantly colored lands around her, searching for that certain something. Clio gets stumped and faces doubt, but she's determined not to give up. Will she find what's she's looking for? This illustrated children's book filled with amazing artwork perfectly showcases the magic of Clio and her world. The artist was very creative in the illustrations, changing Clio's appearance on each page to match her surroundings. It's diverse, imaginative, and captivating. It's easy to get lost in the dreamy landscapes.

The story moves along with rhyming poetry maintaining a child's interest and keeping the fun. It reads nicely, has a great flow, and is easily understood. But while every page is astonishing, the message is even better. Aloubell's story provides the opportunity to discuss a heavy, yet very necessary, conversation a child is, or soon will be, dealing with. Self-discovery, something dealt with at all ages, can be fun to explore, but it can be very frustrating too. Clio's quest took time to complete and it wasn't easy for her. She managed not only to find herself but the deeper meanings of home and love. It's a perfect story to add to any child's collection. The book is not too long, it'll keep a child's interest, the art is very colorful and whimsical, the writing is easy and fun, and the message is good and strong.

Edith Wairimu

Meet Clio, a young girl who is on a journey of self-discovery. Clio’s mission is filled with beautiful scenes. Amazing shades of colors define her journey, revealing breath-taking places. Clio has a wish but is struggling to find an answer. Though she loves home, she feels a gentle push to go and explore the world and discover new things. She wonders whether she should jump from the clouds and fall along with the snow. Her life and path are filled with magic. Still, she doubts whether everything around her matters. Clio's Colorful Quest by Aloubell is the first in a series of stories that chronicle Clio’s experiences. It is a magical story told through enchanting artwork.

The images in the book inspire imagination. They are not only colorful but they also introduce a whole new fascinating world. Clio is curious like many others her age and her need to discover will resonate with young readers. Ordinary moments are turned into beautiful experiences as Clio finds her way in her quest. The story carries a wonderful lesson that is transformative not only for the target audience but to anyone who happens to read the book. It can also be effectively read aloud as it contains sing-song lines. Since the tale is centered on only one character, it is easy to follow Clio’s adventures. Clio's Colorful Quest by Aloubell is wonderfully told and illustrated. It tells an uncomplicated story using a well-developed character. Definitely a must-read for children and adults alike who appreciate creative artwork.