Intrigue, Romance and Murder at a Nazi POW Camp On a Georgial Coastal Island.

Fiction - Historical - Event/Era
344 Pages
Reviewed on 09/25/2017
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Author Biography

J.R. Rogers is a novelist of historical thrillers of espionage and foreign intrigue. Like others who first learned about Nazi POW camps in the United States during WW II, I became fascinated when I learned about it and determined to write a novel with this fact as a central theme.

    Book Review

Reviewed by Lucinda E Clarke for Readers' Favorite

Nazilager by JR Rogers tells the story of a Nazi Panzer brigade captured in North Africa, shipped across the Atlantic Ocean and imprisoned in a prisoner of war camp in Georgia in the United States. The camp has been hastily constructed in a small seaside town, which causes alarm among the local population, who are worried that the presence of the Germans will have a negative impact on the tourism that is the mainstay of their town. There is a long list of characters, both German and American, some are endearing, others are most unpleasant. I was concerned I would get them confused, but, no, each soldier was clearly described and easy to remember, not an easy task for an author.

I found Nazilager particularly fascinating as I didn’t know there were POW camps in America and it was a long way to transport these men in war time. All the camp inmates were officers and, according to the Geneva Convention, there were rules and regulations to follow. However, it was a learning experience for everyone, and many of the German officers did not believe the Americans who drew the rules up in the first place would follow them. Those in charge of the prisoners were army personnel and, except for one officer who had worked in the prison service, looking after prisoners was a whole new experience.

In Nazilager, JR Rogers has given us a vivid account of what life might well have been like in a POW camp for German prisoners of war in 1943. Although the camp and the location are fictional, I suspect the author researched this topic in depth before writing about it. The characters leapt off the page, the narrative was tense and exciting, especially towards the end, and I loved the final few pages – very satisfying. You don’t have to be a lover of war stories to enjoy this book. I finished it in two days and thoroughly enjoyed it. Certainly worth five stars.

Enas Reviews (London)

"Nazilager is a poignant, brilliantly told historical fiction of survival, growth, loss and struggle that is very impressive in its sense of knowledge and research expertly woven into an insightful novel.

"Author J. R. Rogers develops and delivers a wild ride of unexpected adventurous tale of Lt. Colonel Carl Von Glasow and his fellow officers of Afrika Corps after the heart wrenching times of World War 2. Being shipped to the U.S Army, prisoner of war camp comes as a pulse pounding surprise for the German war prisoners. Vivid details of imprisonment at Camp Gwinnett on Sorrel Island on the coast of Georgia in contrast to the Tunisian desert is immaculately imagined with endearing, believable characters that are strong and actively involved in the shaping of the displayed human condition that is deep and profound.

Rogers skillfully distills his narration down for the necessary progression of the story in a well thought out manner that is appealing and seducing. Mingled with wit and wisdom Nazilager is a powerful page turner and commendable work of historical fiction that is sure to grab attendance of all history lovers and make its place on their shelves. Highly recommended." --Enas Reviews (London)