Null and Void

A Royal States Novel

Fiction - Paranormal
497 Pages
Reviewed on 11/19/2017
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    Book Review

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite

Null and Void: A Royal States Novel by Susan Copperfield is a fascinating novel that will thrill fans of fantasy and paranormal. In a world ruled by magic, what can someone born without magic do? Mackenzie Little is born without magic, which automatically puts her into the null caste. After every attempt to give her a break and identify any hope of magic in her fails, her mother enlists her for a charity auction where anything can be bought for money. It is here she meets her ex-boss, Dylan Mason, and Mackenzie gets the experience of a lifetime. Nine months will roll by and Mackenzie will demonstrate the strength her mother hasn’t seen in her as she fights to protect her family from a society that thinks of nothing but magic. Can she succeed in a grand prize battle between royals?

This could be a tale of magic, but it is character focused and the reader will enjoy the way Susan Copperfield handles the social setting. The social divide comes out clearly in the narrative and it constitutes one of the key aspects of the conflict. But it is interesting to watch Mackenzie as she struggles to blend in, to belong. The reader will notice that, in a world that relies solely on magic to define one’s worth, a “null” brings in a completely new way of looking at life and relationships. Null and Void: A Royal States Novel is beautifully written, with prose that is crisp and graceful, laced with powerful descriptions and insightful passages. This is a story that will entertain and inspire readers, inviting them to look past what society thinks about them to embrace their own path.

Stephen Fisher

Null And Void by Susan Copperfield is a brilliantly written, humorous sci-fi, paranormal, and romance novel that begins with the introduction of Mackenzie Little; a woman born into a family of nulls, aka non magical, which means that they have to get by on effort and determination as opposed to the rest of the known population of a future Earth, which relies on different magical talents at different levels to attain social status everywhere. Nulls are considered equal to a slave type status. The story begins with Mackenzie at her job, having to fix her superior's mistakes while the other is at lunch. She ends up quitting, and walking out on her boss. Her mother is anxious to see her daughter get a boyfriend and get married, so she purchases a ticket to a charity ball so that Mackenzie can be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Mackenzie decides to wear jeans and a leather jacket and raise her bidding price to the max, and then reside as a wallflower until she comes to the rescue of a waiter being accosted by a rude, elderly socialite.

Ms. Copperfield does an outstanding job of telling the story through Mackenzie, and giving our heroine a sarcastic sense of humor that had me laughing out loud too many times to count. At one point, just as I was reminded of Cinderella, Mackenzie thought the same thing. From beginning to end, Null And Void delivers everything you could ask for in a sci-fi romance, with characters that jump right off the pages as they, and the situations therein, are so vividly described. This story was such a page turner for me that it ended way too soon, with me wanting more. I await Susan Copperfield’s next book with bated breath. Brava!