The eBay Plot

The eBay Detective Book 1

Fiction - Thriller - Terrorist
228 Pages
Reviewed on 12/07/2012
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Reviewed by Stephanie Dagg for Readers' Favorite

The Ebay Plot by Charles A Salter is everything a modern thriller should be. Since we’ve all used ebay at one time or another, it’s something that we’re familiar with and that makes it that bit more relevant and interesting. Especially when we learn in the author’s note at the end that the book was inspired by real events. It begins with a murder so we’re gripped from the start. Major Brad Stout, single and living with his rather difficult sister, has to keep an eye on radiological sales being made through ebay. He works with the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute. He follows auctions to track down sellers and buyers of dubious items that could be put to terrorist purposes. Some of the people he’s following disappear and he realizes there’s someone very dangerous out there trying to put a dirty bomb together, and they’ll stop at nothing to get what they want. Brad is courageous and takes his duties seriously. However, he faces plenty of setbacks and frustrations on the way.

Salter creates an intricate, gripping plot and some equally intriguing characters. Brad is the perfect hero with his flaws but good intentions and genuine nature. He is a pretty nifty ebayer, timing when to make his bids to perfection and we could all pick up some useful hints! He’s a coper, dealing with some difficult and deadly situations, and addicted to healthy green tea. There are so many little details like that throughout the book, connected with the character or settings, and which all work to make the novel that much more real to us. The action is plausible and enthralling, and there’s even a little romance. Brad is delighted to become an ‘ebay detective’ at the story’s conclusion and there will be more adventures to come in this new career. This is a very successful, engrossing and enjoyable novel.

Anne Boling

I began this tale just as I completed an eBay transaction. However, I always do business by mail. Louella should have too. Tempted by dollar signs Louella agreed to meet the buyer to deliver the books in person and save shipping costs.“No more exchanges in the dark. Never again.” She was right it would never happen again; Louella was murdered that night.

Army Major Brad Stout spent a lot of time on eBay; it was a hobby for him and part of his job. He is employed by the Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute where he studies dirty bombs. Both buyers and sellers have been known to sell radiological products that can be used for a dirty bomb. Part of Stout’s job is to watch for suspicious activity on eBay. For the safety of Americans I am glad he was on eBay looking of an old diary. His expertise with dirty bombs caused him to pick up on the clues that a buyer on eBay was making a dirty bomb. As he continues his own quiet investigation he contacts the buyer and the FBI. Soon he is the bait. It will take all of Stout’s ingenuity, intelligence and craftiness to stop his adversary and stay alive

The eBay Plot by Charles A. Salter is a thriller; what makes it even better is it is based on fact. Author Salter has included enough facts to educate, inform and entertain readers. This is the type of tale we read expecting it to be fiction. This book starts off running and holds the momentum to the last page. The plot is filled with enough twists and turns to make a pretzel. The characters are well done. This is the first book in the new eBay series. I very much look forward to reading more of the adventures of Stout, eBay Detective.

Anna del C. Dye

The story starts with a great first paragraph; it is short, mysterious and to the point. This is quite an intriguing story; full of surprises, turns, terrorists, and dead people. It is a great read to savor slowly and carefully in order to get the full effect. The characters are well done, interesting, caring, and alive.

Brad works at Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute doing experiments and such with radiation. He is single and lives with his sister. In his spare time he like to buy different things on eBay and also anything war related. One could say that he is a wiz on eBay and a master of its working rules.

One day, looking at a war veteran’s diary for sale, he discovers a strange pattern of a certain buyer. When he looks into it, he realizes that this man is trying to make a dirty bomb. Being the soldier he is, he continues investigating until he finally gets in touch with the man to see if he is right. One thing leads to another, and he is recruited as bait for the FBI to capture the man who is believed to belong to a group of terrorists that wants to nuke Washington DC. But what no one knows is if this man works alone.

This novel is based on the never-before-told true story of how eBay helped foil a radiological dirty bomb plot between 2000 and 2002. This is the first episode and the basic inspiration for this eBay detective series. I look forward to the next books in this series. It is good for adults and older young adults.

Patricia Day

The eBay Plot by Charles A. Salter is a thriller with an organized fast-moving plot played out by a band of criminally unbalanced characters; who are intent on destroying the lives of many. It is based on a true story, which makes the reading all the more compelling. As Brad and his co-workers go about their daily business, unbeknownst to them a group of eBay players are openly buying books detailing nuclear sciences and bomb-making methods, as well as material components they need to build a weapon of destruction.

eBay gives them access to all the informational material and substantial parts necessary to execute their plan, but in order to accomplish their goal they require the military security clearance of military nuclear scientist Brad Stout. Their ploy is to draw him into the plot and use him in whatever way they can, the trick is to draw him in – and to do this they will use anyone or anything. How they accomplish this through eBay makes for a thoroughly enjoyable read, as you discover who can be trusted and who cannot. Mary-Lou Boudreaux are Cujo-Man are two main players – but there are more, and can these persons be trusted or not?

I found this book to be a really engaging tale, written and presented well. I highly recommend "The eBay Plot" as it is not only entertaining but it makes you eerily aware of the evil that exists just under the surface of our often ordinary lives.

Alice DiNizo

Government employee Louella LeBrock sells her collection of radiation-related books on eBay under the name of WeirdScienceBabe and the buyer wants to meet her at night outside Dutch's Daughter to collect them. Collect them he does, but he also stabs Louella, killing her, as she slips out of her car to help him. This murder as well as other eBay sales of dirty bomb materials alerts Brad Stout, a highly decorated military officer, and eBay buyer and seller in his private life. Brad works at AFRRI, Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, which is located near Washington, D.C.. Brad has been tracking someone who trades on eBay as Cujo-Man for he buys numerous radiation-related items, including his attempted purchase of a book, "Diary of an American Officer in Himmler's SS", now listed for sale and eliciting high bids as it may have information on Nazi nuclear bomb attempts. Cujo-man won a vial of radium paint on eBay, and whatever he collects is legal as long as it's not used to make an explosive. Can Brad use his training to outsmart Cujo-Man's allies who want to blow up Washington, D.C.?

Author Charles Salter's "The eBay Plot" is a great beginning to a new series of terrorists novels involving eBay detectives. Main character Brad Stout is brilliant but also quite human and will be appealing to readers. Other characters such as Brad's Mary Lou and his fellow genius and nuclear disaster specialist, the sassy-mouthed Lt. Brubake, make "The eBay Plot" unique and memorable. The story is filled with suspenseful moments right up to its conclusion. The eBay Plot" is filled with eye-opening information!