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Bump and the New Pet

By T. D. Ashcraft

Meet Baryn, Bump’s new pet in Bump and the New Pet by T.D. Ashcraft. Bump found him in a tree, and Baryn is a rainbow rhino-bat. Baryn’s horn changes color with his mood. Bump does not shut the windows in time when Baryn starts to...

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Birth Of An Angel

By Petra Malinova

In an effort to help children to tap into their inner power, Birth Of An Angel by Petra Malinova was created. Petra Malinova says that during difficult situations children need the ability to dream, and to live the real magic behind creating the happily ever...

Baguette Bear and the Sac Surprise!

French and English for Kids
By Alison Mcrobbie

Baguette Bear and the Sac Surprise (French and English for Kids) is the first book in this fascinating educational series, which is both written and illustrated by Alison Mcrobbie. This book will help you to teach your child how to speak French, and carries both...

Ben in the Land of 1,000 Mangoes

Multi-Ed Series, Book 1
By J.R.Poulter

What is life like as Ben and his family travel from Australia to visit his friend, Anik, in rural India during the holiday season? In Ben in the Land of 1,000 Mangoes: Multi-Ed Series, Book 1 by J.R. Poulter, children will not only learn about...

Baby Animal Names

Book 1
By M. Hansler

Baby Animal Names: Book 1 is the first book in a children’s series, written by M. Hansler and photographically illustrated by imagery from Presenting an alphabetical list of various animals from around the world and their offspring, M. Hansler not only gives children a...

Being a Captain is Hard Work

A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 10)
By Carole P. Roman

If you're looking for a colorful children’s picture book about decisions, perseverance and consequences, pick up a copy of Being a Captain is Hard Work: A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 10) by Carole P. Roman. This book is part of a series about a...

Bella Gets Rescued

By Ellie Wakeman

Bella Gets Rescued by Ellie Wakeman begins with Bella the rescue cat being afraid of everything initially when her first family adopts her, but she is not scared anymore. Once upon a time, not long ago, Bella was an itty-bitty kitty who lived all by...

Bright Star, A Pony of the Kimbrii

A Windflower Saga Story for Kids (The Windflower Saga) (Volume 23)
By Aleksandra Layland

Bright Star is a pony, born in the Grayridge Mountains of the mythical kingdom of Kimbria. His story begins when Bright Star is born. He has a twin sister who really doesn’t look anything like him. At the age of three, Bright Star is adopted...


All in the Woods...
By J.R. Poulter

Bushed?! All in the Woods... written by J.R. Poulter and illustrated by Linda Gunn tells the story of Pete who has just moved to the countryside in the area where his Granddad used to live. Pete discovers a strange furry visitor who likes snacks, but...

Ben and the Bullies

By Jack Thompsen

Ben and the Bullies is a children’s book of courage, written in rhyme by Not So Serious Jack (aka Jack Thompsen) and illustrated by Ignacio G. When at home, Ben loves to cook, read and spend time with his family. But when at school, Ben’s...