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Lucy's First Christmas

Lucy's Tale
By Rolynda Tassan

Lucy’s First Christmas is the third book in the Lucy's Tale series, written by Rolynda Tassan and illustrated by Ruby Wheeler. Lucy is a rescue cat who now lives with a lovely family, comprising Mom, Dad, youngster Ben and other animals, Sissy, Addy and Pippin....

La Petite Rita

Volume 1
By Rita Avaud Najm

La Petite Rita: Volume I by Rita Avaud Najm is the delightful story of a family that moves to New York from France. Francois and his wife Antoinette are excited about the move, but their seven-year-old daughter, Rita, is not that excited though her parents...

Learning to Fly

By Mebo
By Agatha Bobblesbee

Learning to Fly: By Mebo by Agatha Bobblesbee is the adorable story of feisty little Mebo, a blue panda who is born in a zoo. Mebo’s adventurous streak makes him travel throughout the world where he meets Speck the dog and Zeppo the balloon, who...

Lisa Goes to England

By Patrick Adams

Lisa Goes to England by Patrick Adams takes young readers on an adventurous and exciting journey. Lisa and siblings Daniel, Holly, and Jonathan visit England where they stumble upon interesting places and enjoy adventures. The children are excited to land in London, the biggest city...

Lucy Meets the Family

Lucy's Tale, #2
By Rolynda Tassan

Lucy Meets the Family: Lucy's Tale, #2 is a children’s animal picture book written by Rolynda Tassan and illustrated by Ruby Wheeler. Lucy was excited to be going to her new home. The little gray rescue kitten could hardly wait, and she fidgeted as Ben...

Letter Tracing

Handwriting Practice for Preschool and Kindergarten
By Ceri Clark

Handwriting is an important skill that needs to be learned in school. In Letter Tracing: Handwriting Practice for Preschool and Kindergarten, author Ceri Clark guides children in letter tracing practice for both capital and lower case letters. Tracing letters is the first step in writing....

Love YOU for YOU!

By Precious Allen

Love YOU for YOU! by Precious Allen takes the reader on a journey in rhyme, looking at different abilities, different cultures, different languages as well as physical attributes and showing that whatever they may be, everyone is individual and should be free and proud to...

Lil' Boy's Enchanted Red Hat

Coloring and Activity Book
By Dr. April Jones

Lil' Boy's Enchanted Red Hat: Coloring and Activity Book by Dr. April L. Jones Ph.D. is about inspiration, fun and cognitive thinking. Children will enjoy going through the pages of this coloring and activity book as they learn about the life of Commissioner Mose Jones,...

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Little Goat on the Prairie

By Chad Edwards

Little Goat on the Prairie is written by Chad Edwards and illustrated by Julijana Mijailovic, and tells the story of a young Prairie Goat named Billie. Every day he looks out over the fence to the horizon and wonders what wonderful world lies there. He...

Libraries and Books and Words...Oh My!

By Carey Rigby-Wilcox

Libraries and Books and Words... Oh My! is an inspirational story about illiteracy (and how to overcome it), written and illustrated by Carey Rigby-Wilcox. Narrated from the viewpoint of Carey’s children, they talk of their mother’s extreme fear of going to the library. As a...

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