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Esmeralda Grunch and the Red Tulip

By Debbie Manber Kupfer

Esmeralda Grunch is a very enthusiastic and energetic flower sprite, a fairy. Her best friend is Tulip, the only red tulip in a field of yellow tulips. Esmeralda lived inside Tulip. Well, perhaps it would be more precise to say that she slept inside Tulip,...

Emilia's Treasure

How a Mermaid makes Friends
By Anca Niculae

Emilia’s Treasure: How a Mermaid makes Friends is a children’s adventure tale written by Anca Niculae and illustrated by Maria Falie. When a young mermaid, Emilia, decides to seek out friends who she can collect pearls with, she is met with scorn or fear, as...

Elves Up North

By L. L. Walters

Elves Up North is an interactive, holiday-themed fantasy story book for children written by L.L. Walters. The author has designed this book so that parents and caregivers can read it as a whole or by chapter. Interspersed throughout the story are opportunities for children to...

Easy 8

A Bull's View
By Carrolyn Foster

If you could read the mind of a bull, what do you think it would say? Bull riding is such an awesome event, yet is an extremely dangerous sport. Bull riding takes a lot of skill, flexibility, and courage. As a bull rider, you need...

Every Month I Love You More

By Ashley Lauren

Every Month I Love You More is an illustrated collection of heartfelt love songs written by Ashley Lauren. With each passing month, seasonal pictures are presented in color, almost in calendar format, as beautiful words are uttered by a young girl whose undying gratitude is...

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Every Child Deserves

By Philip McAdoo

Not every child has the benefit of two loving parents and a home, a place in which to grow up, feel safe, learn things and have fun. Some children are abandoned or abused, or their parents die and they become wards of the state. These...


By Rebecca Heller

Elephants are amazing creatures. Did you know that they are the largest animal that lives on land and that they can live to as old as 70 years of age? There are a lot of other amazing facts about elephants: they prefer one tusk over...

Emma's Funny Birds

By Christy Jordan Wrenn and Emma Leigh Ezernack

Emma’s Funny Birds is a very imaginative story of different kinds of birds in Emma’s neighborhood. Not only does author Christy Jordan Wrenn make up new types of birds, she has them dressed differently than other birds. The book provokes wonder: is the crane couple...

Evergreen's Story

By Ada N. Letelier

Evergreen's Story by Ada N. Letelier is about Evergreen who lived in the forest with oak, hickory, and maple. While seasons brought changes to the forest, Evergreen always remained the same. But it was autumn that Evergreen disliked the most because when other trees put...

Edie Medium

By Dan Soderberg

Edie Medium by Dan Soderberg is a fun, well written children's book about a young girl named Edie. Edie is enthusiastic and energetic, and loves shopping and running. She likes Autumn and Spring, and likes both sunshine and rain. Edie is just like many other...