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Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles

A Captain No Beard Story (Volume 8)
By Carole P. Roman

Fribbet the Frog has a problem. He is not okay and he is scared. In Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A Captain No Beard Story: Volume 8 by Carole P. Roman, Fribbet tells Captain No Beard that monsters, snakes, or loud noises don't scare...

Flavio the Flamingo

By Cassidy Jackson-Carroll

Flavio the Flamingo by Cassidy Jackson-Carroll opens with Flavio the Flamingo having lost his pink color and he wants it back. He thinks that if he does not regain his color, he is going to be non-existent. Flavio goes to Zeke the Zebra and Zeke...


By Chess Desalls

Frabbles by Chess Desalls is a collection of eleven fables. Each story is exactly 100 words long. The stories are engaging and entertaining for young readers and they conclude with a moral that is useful and encouraging. The stories are simple and will connect well...

Feast for the Beast

By Russell Dorn

Everyone loves a special holiday, a time when one can invite a few friends around, prepare some delicious eats, and settle down to watch the parade on television. One is not supposed to sneak off and eat everything ... everything? Yep, everything. In Feast for...


Lucy's World Book 2
By Gilberto Mariscal

Flowy: Lucy's World Book 2 by Gilberto Mariscal is the story of a little girl named Lucy who loves flowers. Lucy’s mother always takes her to a park filled with flowers whenever she listens to her mother, which is very often. There is a flower...

Firefighters' Busy Day!

By Maria Bostian

Firefighters’ Busy Day! is a children’s book for young, aspiring firefighters, written in rhyme by Maria Bostian and illustrated by Chris Danger. As firefighters clean their vehicles and make sure their equipment is secure, a call comes in that a house is on fire. People...

Fairy Tales and Fables

A Collection
By Lucas Hucher

There is a moral to every story, a lesson to be learned. Sometimes, however, we need to hear the story, perhaps even multiple times, to understand and appreciate the moral, the lesson. If we are told to “be kind, to expect kindness in return. If...

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Fishing for Turkey

By N.A. Cauldron

N.A. Cauldron’s Fishing For Turkey is a Thanksgiving themed book about a family coming together to enjoy a holiday dinner. But a tremendous storm comes along and washes everything and everyone away. Yet in the midst of these events, the family, led by the optimistic...

Find Your Nose

By Rodo Sofranac

Find Your Nose starts with an outstanding pencil illustration by illustrator Mark Sean Wilson. He has beautiful color drawings on every page of the book as well. I especially like the close-up illustrations of the children’s faces. They capture the emotions of the children in...


By Carliss Maddox

Firstgarten is a children’s picture book written by Carliss Maddox and illustrated by Steve Feldman. The first day of school had finally arrived, but Michael was not at all happy about being a first grader. He had loved kindergarten and thought it would be much...

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