Children - Fable

The Girl Who Talked Too Much

By Joshua P Rikas

The Girl Who Talked Too Much written by Joshua P Rikas is, as the title implies, about a young girl who talks continuously without considering other people, how they may feel, and without the ability (or desire) to listen to other people's points of view....

Tree Soldier

By Sarah M. Flores

Tree Soldier is a children’s picture book written by Sarah M. Flores and illustrated by Maksym Stasiuk. Billy was feeling kind of bored with his toys, his games and just about everything. He didn’t live in a castle with golden floors, which he thought would...

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Sarah's Shadow

By Nick Jones

Sarah's Shadow is a children’s picture book written by Nick Jones and illustrated by Si Clark. Yasmin Hughes seemed to take a perverse delight in tormenting and teasing Sarah, and the other kids always followed suit. When Yasmin pointed out that Sarah’s shadow was long...

Leah the Lion

By Cheryl Sperry Golke

Leah the Lion is a children’s picture book written in rhyme by Cheryl Sperry Golke and illustrated by Nifty Illustrations. Leah is a young lion cub that loves to roar. She roars at everything she sees, feeling happiness at the strength behind her mighty roar....

Jairus's Girl

By L R Hay

Jairus’s Girl by L.R. Hay tells the story of Tammie who lives with her parents, Jairus and Naomi, in a small fishing village near Galilee. Set in the time of Jesus, the story shows a different perspective of life in those times. The lives of...

Beyond the Wall

By Michael Verrett

Oh my! This is one of the more delightful children's books I have read in quite some time. The illustrations were lively and colorful, the story was unique and adorable, and the entire tale made me smile. I was hooked from the very first sentence:...

Mc Inty's Goats

A Quest to Save the Fairy Kingdom
By Caoimhe Lawlor

Mc Inty’s Goats: A Quest to Save the Fairy Kingdom by Caoimhe Lawlor is the story of a young leprechaun who was a thousand years old and lived inside the hollow in a Great Elm Tree. He had lots of friends in the forest and...

Gnorton's Easter Adventure

By Meri-le Collum

Gnorton’s Easter Adventure is a children’s picture book written by Meri-le Collum and illustrated by Penny Weber. Easter is one of Gnorton the Gnome’s favorite holidays and he wants to contribute to making eggs for the children. Unfortunately, none of his friends seems to know...

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Æsop's Fables

Volume One
By Lucas Hucher, Æsop

Aesop’s Fables by Lucas Hucher is a modern retelling of some of the most famous stories told by legendary children’s story teller, Aesop. Using present day language, Hucher shares interesting, educational tales which are intended to entertain and provide wisdom for readers. In a manner...

The Seventh Birthday Wish

By Bruce E Arrington

The Seventh Birthday Wish is a children’s picture book written by Bruce E. Arrington and illustrated by Florence Jayne. Wesley was incredibly excited about waking up that morning. He was finally seven years old, and the magic door would open for him at last. He...