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Anna and the Earth Angel

Anna's Angels
By Stephanie Hrehirchuk

Anna and her family have moved into a new neighborhood and Anna is very bored. This is the opening scene in Anna and the Earth Angel (Anna's Angels) by Stephanie Hrehirchuk. Anna does not know anyone there and she does not know how to spend...

Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles

By Brigitte Brulz

Pickles, Pickles, I Like Pickles by Brigitte Brulz is the story of a young boy who likes pickles. He is curious to know if pickles grow on pickle trees. He plants the seeds he has bought with his mother when they went out. They water...

Pepsi the Problem Puppy

By Sandi Parsons

Pepsi the Problem Puppy is a children’s book written by Sandi Parsons and illustrated by Aśka. After deciding to adopt a rescue puppy from the animal shelter, Dave Parsons quickly discovers that not all dogs are as adorable as they look in a photo. Dave’s...

My Buddy Knows Letters

By Keith Wheeler

My Buddy Knows Letters by Keith Wheeler is the first in a series of children’s read-along picture books that enable children to enjoy their educational journey. The book has a unique approach to teaching the alphabet as it begins with showing children a picture of...

My Maddy, My Daddy

By Rodo Sofranac

My Maddy, My Daddy by Rodo Sofranac captures a father-daughter relationship and their closeness beautifully. Maddy loves her father and her father loves her. Maddy has great friends and is a great talker, and her father loves her for that too. Maddy loves her daddy...

The Nile Crocodile Invades Florida!

By Katharine Benelli Coggeshall

The Nile Crocodile Invades Florida by Katharine Benelli Coggeshall is an informative and educational book that speaks about how Nile crocodiles got from their native home to the United States. It is a must-read for any child who is interested in wildlife and crocodiles and...

Lil' Boy's Enchanted Red Hat

Coloring and Activity Book
By Dr. April Jones

Lil' Boy's Enchanted Red Hat: Coloring and Activity Book by Dr. April L. Jones Ph.D. is about inspiration, fun and cognitive thinking. Children will enjoy going through the pages of this coloring and activity book as they learn about the life of Commissioner Mose Jones,...

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Meeting Grandmom

By Jessica D. Adams

Meeting Grandmom by Jessica D. Adams revolves around the story of Janiece and Janielle who have never met their grandmother because she passed away when their mother and Aunt Jenny were teenagers. The story sees the two girls traveling back in time during the Christmas...

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The Magical Sweeper of Raggadish

An ecological tale for children about recycling, loyalty and altruism
By Arandana Mayor

The Magical Sweeper of Raggadish by Arandana Mayor is an educational book with an excellent concept revolving around the relevant topic of recycling. Seraphim, an elderly sweeper, lived in the small town of Raggadish. He was hardworking and he was the best sweeper the town...

More Tales for Your Monkey's Mind

Fables and Modern Fairy Tales
By Steve Michael Reedy

More Tales For Your Monkey's Mind by Steve Michael Reedy is a children’s story book with a lesson behind each story. More Tales for Your Monkey's Mind consists of just a few short tales, each unique in its plot and always with a life lesson...