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Ms. Esme Undercover K-9

And The Missing Bone (Ms. Esme Undercover K-9 Book 1)
By L.A. Maldonado

Esme has been assigned a new job in Ms. Esme Undercover K-9: And The Missing Bone by L.A. Maldonado. This time her case is downtown and Esme hates going downtown, especially if it is an undercover case. Mr. Thorn thinks only Esme can handle the...

Maya Rose Chooses a Grandmother

By Alice Naylor

Maya Rose Chooses a Grandmother by Alice Phoebe Naylor is a heartwarming story of an Indian girl who is adopted by an American woman. Maya Rose, as she is named, lives near the ocean and she likes to play with her friends and also in...

Mama's Masquerade

By J.R.Poulter

Mama’s Masquerade by J.R. Poulter is an adorable story about a little girl’s observation about her mother. The little girl thinks her mother is the master of disguise, so smart and clever that she need not reinvent herself. She thinks her mother is just perfect...

Moonlight Magic

A children's bedtime story in rhyme
By Ilana Schoenfeld

Moonlight Magic by Ilana Schoenfeld is a delightful and magical story in rhyming verse that introduces young readers to Willy Waters and his friend, Stella. Willy Waters likes watching the night sky and thinks the stars are smiling at him and asking him to come...

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Molly the Mole

Short story for kids about true friendship
By Bat Oren

Molly is different from the other Moles – she is white, unlike other Moles, smart, friendly, and has good eyesight. Moles usually live in solitude and males and females meet once a year to have babies, and they part after that. In Molly the Mole...

My Buddy Knows Letters

By Keith Wheeler

My Buddy Knows Letters by Keith Wheeler is the first in a series of children’s read-along picture books that enable children to enjoy their educational journey. The book has a unique approach to teaching the alphabet as it begins with showing children a picture of...

My Maddy, My Daddy

By Rodo Sofranac

My Maddy, My Daddy by Rodo Sofranac captures a father-daughter relationship and their closeness beautifully. Maddy loves her father and her father loves her. Maddy has great friends and is a great talker, and her father loves her for that too. Maddy loves her daddy...

Meeting Grandmom

By Jessica D. Adams

Meeting Grandmom by Jessica D. Adams revolves around the story of Janiece and Janielle who have never met their grandmother because she passed away when their mother and Aunt Jenny were teenagers. The story sees the two girls traveling back in time during the Christmas...

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More Tales for Your Monkey's Mind

Fables and Modern Fairy Tales
By Steve Michael Reedy

More Tales For Your Monkey's Mind by Steve Michael Reedy is a children’s story book with a lesson behind each story. More Tales for Your Monkey's Mind consists of just a few short tales, each unique in its plot and always with a life lesson...

Max's Undercover Adventure

Max's Adventures, Book 4 (Shadows from the Past)
By Wendy Leighton-Porter

Max has been snatched from Jemima again! Who is it this time? Why now? Max's Undercover Adventure by Wendy Leighton-Porter is an brilliant children's adventure short story. Max wakes to find himself being thrown into a van with another talking Tonkinese cat, Clio. Max is...