Christian - Historical Fiction

The Legend of Chip

The Legend Begins
By Stanley Campbell

The Legend of Chip: The Legend Begins by Stanley Campbell is an inspiring story with a great historical setting against the backdrop of 18th century Edinburgh, Scotland. The reader follows the life of an ordinary man, Christopher MacDougall, whose sole interest is to cater to...

Annapolis Valley Bound

Nova Scotia by Chance Volume 2
By Joan Newcomb

Life for the early settlers in Nova Scotia wasn’t easy. But neither had it been easy in the homeland, in Ireland. Ira Stewart, a blacksmith by trade, brought his wife, Merry, and family to the New World in the hopes of a better life. When...

Unto Us

The Son of God Series Book 1
By Sharon Lindsay

The Son of God Series Book 1: Unto Us by Sharon Lindsay opens with a vivid portrait of the creation and the battle between God and Lucifer for the souls of Adam and Eve. The scene is set for the coming of Our Lord, but...

Jairus's Girl

By L R Hay

Jairus’s Girl by L.R. Hay tells the story of Tammie who lives with her parents, Jairus and Naomi, in a small fishing village near Galilee. Set in the time of Jesus, the story shows a different perspective of life in those times. The lives of...

The Tiara Mystery

By Karen Meyer

The Tiara Mystery by Karen Meyer is a children’s historical novel set in 1880s Dayton, Ohio. Young Claire Russell is heartbroken by the possible eviction of her family from their lovely home, which serves as a small boarding-house. With the assistance of dashing Orville Wright,...

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Fool's Notion

By Lisa J. Flickinger

Fool’s Notion by Lisa J. Flickinger is about a beautiful young red-headed lady, Alda Lealand, who somewhat naively starts out from Missouri with a string of mules, intending to walk them 2,000 miles to Death Valley, California and her uncle who is waiting for her...

The King's Prey

Saint Dymphna of Ireland
By Susan Peek

The King’s Prey: Saint Dymphna of Ireland, written by Susan Peek, delves deep into the lives of two estranged Irish Catholic brothers, Brioc and Turlough, in their heroic attempt to save the beautiful Princess Dymphna from her insane father, and his sinful desires. After the...

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Mary, Chosen of God

By Diana Wallis Taylor

I was delighted as I read Mary, Chosen of God to find it stayed true to the Bible and made the family come to life. Mary, Joseph, Jesus and his brothers and sisters were a loving family. Only Mary and Joseph knew that Jesus was...

Prairie Points

A Civil War Sanctuary
By Jan Frazier

Prairie Points by Jan Frazier is a thoroughly likeable and, dare I say, educational novel that is a cross between pure historical fiction and a family’s history. The novel centers on the author’s great-grandmother, Elizabeth Dully, and her two sisters, Anna and Maria, along with...

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The Sound and The Glory
By Joseph Ganci

Gideon: The Sound and the Glory by Joseph Ganci is a masterpiece of a story, a historical fiction read that will transport readers back to the biblical era, rich in history and culture. The novel follows the story of Gideon, a woodcutter and a simple...