Imagine God

The Spiritual Power Within Your Imagination
By H. Eric Fearman

Imagine God by H. Eric Fearman offers insight to the spiritual power within us. Pastor Fearman reminds readers that God created each of us. That includes our imagination. Too often we ignore our imagination. Perhaps as we age we think we should leave our imagination...

If You Want A Harvest, You Have to be Willing to Cultivate the Soil

By Dr. T. Darnell Saunders

This book is based on 1 Cor. 3:6. Saunders uses the example of an apple tree to describe our lives as Christians. He discusses the stages a Christian goes through, dormancy, silver tip, green tip, half inch green, tight cluster, pink, full blossom,...

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Inner Journey

A Window into Spirituality
By Fr. Mark Escobar, C.S.

Fr. Mark Escobar shares his Christian journey with readers. He likens his journey to Jeremiah; we are to be pliable, moldable like clay. God is the potter, and He will shape us into usable vessels. As I read this part, I was reminded of the...

I'm Fine With God It's Christians I Can't Stand

Getting Past the Religious Garbage in the Search for Spiritual Truth
By Bruce Bickel, Stan Jantz

According to the definition of a Christian is: a person who exemplifies in his or her life the teachings of Christ. Most Christians strive to be Christ- like, but there are always those who stand out in the crowd. Their behavior is anything but...