Fiction - Adventure

Hope in Cripple Creek

By Sara R. Turnquist

Hope in Cripple Creek by Sara R. Turnquist revolves around a kind of Christian-themed Western drama involving two siblings, Katherine Matthews and her brother, David. They both have their individual problems separate from each other. Katherine wants to adopt two children orphaned during the typhoid...

Heirs of Power

The Constellation Saga Book 1
By Kay MacLeod

Heirs of Power by Kay MacLeod is the first book in The Constellation Saga. Kitty Fairlow has everything she could want: hunting, protecting those she cares about, the peace of the woods she's always known, and an upcoming wedding to her childhood love. After Kitty...

Hoffnungslose Ziele

A Dark Journey of Lost Causes
By Kevin Reinholz

Hoffnungslose Ziele: A Dark Journey of Lost Causes by Kevin Reinholz is set against the backdrop of 19th century Europe, with most of the action taking place in Prussia. The reader is immediately introduced to Anna, a young girl who is excited about her friend....

Hotsuka's Story

Book 1 of the Dragon Pearl Series
By J F Mehentee

Hotsuka is a Meijin, an immortal incorporeal being tasked with exploring the universe and all the life forms contained in it. Hotsuka's Story by J.F. Mehentee is the first book in the Dragon Pearl series and tells how Hotsuka wakes in the depths of a...

How A Loser Like Me Survived the Zombie Apocalypse

By Steven Bereznai

In How A Loser Like Me Survived the Zombie Apocalypse by Steven Bereznai, Marty Melon starts off having a bad day. As if killing his lady-love-turned-zombie isn't bad enough, he finds himself fighting for survival with his bitch ex-girlfriend playing her same old underhanded self....

Hell Came With Her

By Channing H Cornwall

Hell Came with Her by Channing H Cornwall is a tale of revenge. Sadie Warner is looking to settle a vendetta. Her family is all slaughtered and she is left in a shallow grave, left to die. Teaming up with Cullen Travers, a retired bounty...

Hail, Cigaros!

By Jack Young

Hail, Cigaros! by Jack Young combines humor and the masterful art of storytelling to offer readers a delightful ride. For years, the father of Prescott Bullard Jr. has paid exorbitant sums of money to support the island Republic of Cigaros where he has consistently bought...

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Hiding in Third Person

By Phil Bradley

Hiding in Third Person by Phil Bradley follows the story of Ricky, an orderly at the Cumberland County Asylum for the Mentally Ill. When Ricky is asked to listen to the story of a patient, he's drawn into a tale of friendship, fear, survival, and...

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By Sarah Delena White

On every Equinox and solstice night in the Kyure realm, the fae and mortal worlds come together. With the help of Sylvie Imanthiya, Taylan the Fae King strives to hold the peace during the celebration. However, Casimir and his alchemists have other plans. When Taylan...

Hearing Voices

An Isaac Blaze Thriller
By Axel Cruise

Hearing Voices: An Isaac Blaze Thriller by Axel Cruise is the story of a man named Isaac Blaze. Some might call him crazy, some might call him a sociopath, but to himself, he is just Isaac Blaze. He has two voices in his head; one...

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