Fiction - Adventure

Flying Blind

By Howard Hammerman

Flying Blind by Howard Hammerman is the story of a man who is down on his luck, only to find out that his luck is going to get worse. The novel follows the story of Dan Goldberg. He hasn’t had the best of luck recently;...

Fried Windows

In a Light White Sauce
By Elgon Williams

Fried Windows: In a Light White Sauce by Elgon Williams is a creative romp through the imagination. Brent Woods's life is fairly ordinary: a job at a computer store, happily married, and he has three kids. When he makes a routine delivery to a house...

Fort Sarpy

Volume 2 of the Riverboat series
By Dave Lloyd

I love books with great openings, because the opening is always a promise. But what happens after that determines the storytelling skills of the author. Lyrical and engaging, Fort Sarpy, the second book in the Riverboat series by Dave Lloyd has a gripping opening with...

Fool's Notion

By Lisa J. Flickinger

Fool’s Notion by Lisa J. Flickinger is about a beautiful young red-headed lady, Alda Lealand, who somewhat naively starts out from Missouri with a string of mules, intending to walk them 2,000 miles to Death Valley, California and her uncle who is waiting for her...

Flower Shields

A Four Horsemen Novel
By C.A. King

Flower Shields by C.A. King is the first book in the Four Horsemen series. After flunking out of college, Tara feels at a loss while her job search keeps turning up empty ... until the rain drives her into a family friend's flower shop. She's...

Freaks and Greeks

By Timothy Bowden

Freaks and Greeks by Timothy Bowden is a beautiful blend of an epic fantasy with sci-fi, a story that will appeal to fans of mythology and stories with well-crafted settings and strong characters. Miltiades of Athens has never gotten any great appreciation and recognition from...

Future World Rocks!

Going Back To Our Roots
By Terry Tumbler

Future World Rocks! (Going Back to Our Roots) by Terry Tumbler is a science fiction novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of mature young adults and adults who enjoy futuristic fiction and who do not mind narrative sex and futuristic bad language....

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Far Endeavor

A Windflower Saga Novella, The Windflower Saga Volume 10
By Aleksandra Layland

When a certain Kimbrii family left their homeland for Illurgia, they expected a relatively uneventful journey. However, the advice of a wicked and spiteful man led them directly into the hands of pirates. In an attempt to save the women from the horror they...

Future Man

The Accidental Prototype
By Ralph Richardson

Billy Campbell is a unique individual. Cloned and genetically manipulated, he is virtually identical to his father except for two things: he isn't homosexual, and the genetic enhancements to ensure this made him blind, but opened other abilities to him. These abilities start to manifest...

First Voyage

By Anthony Palmiotti

First Voyage is an historical fiction novel written by Anthony Palmiotti. The world was still struggling back to its feet as the final death throes of the Great Depression dragged on, and Patrick Welch felt for the tired, older longshoreman whose back was bowed under...

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