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Superhero Syndrome

Solstice Survivors Book 1
By Caryn Larrinaga

Tess has Solstice Syndrome, a mysterious disease that’s slowly killing her. She doesn’t have much longer to live, and there’s no way she’s going to let her last view on earth be the sterile walls of her hospital room, not when there’s a spectacular meteor...

Sex, Drugs & Corruption

Welcome to Peru
By Chad Vegas

Sex, Drugs & Corruption: Welcome to Peru by Chad Vegas is a tale of unusual adventure by two carpenters from California who try to bring down the Peruvian government, a well-crafted story filled with action-packed scenes that will give readers the exquisite thrill of a...


The Luminaries Book 2
By S.K. Anthony

Static by S.K. Anthony is the second book in The Luminaries series, an engaging, well-plotted urban fantasy with great potential for entertainment. Kevin Pierce is a teleporter, a genetically enhanced human being with extraordinary abilities, charged to bring down dangerous criminals for the government. It’s...

Stone Tavern

By Aggie Butler

Stone Tavern by Aggie Butler is an epic fantasy that features gods and humans in a deadly game to qualify for the ultimate level of play, the Galaxy Extravaganza. The Ageon Games are on and every god is poised to win, by feat or trick,...

Space Fandango

Backstabber's Blues
By Henry Mosquera

Space Fandango: Backstabber's Blues by Henry Mosquera takes readers on a magnificent ride that offers the best in sci-fi and fantasy, from the compelling cast of characters to the thrilling plot to the exhilarating adventure. At the start of this great story, the reader gets...

Snow Island

Chronicles of a Wererabbit Book Three
By M. Y. Zeman

Snow Island: Chronicles of a Wererabbit, Book Three is a paranormal action thriller written by M.Y. Zeman. Snow and her extended family's trip up to Alaska had been a success in that they had destroyed Victoria's laboratory where she had been working on a serum...

Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge

By Ramey Channell

Sweet Music On Moonlight Ridge (The Moonlight Ridge Series Volume 1) by Ramey Channell is a captivating and charming novel set in Alabama in the nineteen-fifties. Lily Claire and Willie T. are cousins; their mothers are sisters. They were born on the same day,...

She Lights Up the Dark

November Snow Book 2
By A.M. Manay

She Lights Up the Dark is an exciting paranormal read by writer A.M. Manay, and the second book in the November Snow Series. November is now a vampire, thanks to the last-minute ministrations of her maker, Ilyn, the recently-deposed vampire king. There’s one problem, however....

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Diffusion Book 0
By Stan Smith

Savage by Stan C. Smith is an exciting adventure that takes place in 1868, Dutch New Guinea. Samuel Inwood is a naturalist and is fascinated with the research of Alfred Russell Wallace on the Papuan cultures. After meeting Wallace, Samuel executes his dream and makes...

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Spirit Wolf

A High Plains Warrior Novel
By Michael O. Gibbs

Spirit Wolf: A High Plains Warrior Novel by Michael O. Gibbs is a dazzling story set against a warrior culture of the mid-1700s on the Great Plains; a story that features great characters and invaluable lessons for life. What does it take to be a...

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