Fiction - Adventure


By M Black

Machine BC001001F2050A has escaped from ImaTech and is on the run. Other Flexbots hunt her through the forest, including BC001230M2054C, her erstwhile friend. But BC001230M2054C, thirty for short, isn’t himself anymore. All the Flexbots who use Exotiqa are different, changed, their individuality washed away by...


Shadows of Eprus
By Meredith Cole

Nyla, a 16-year-old girl orphaned as an infant, was raised and trained by the school for Elites to join their ranks when she graduated. However, when Nyla failed her graduation test, they cast her out into an unfamiliar world. Alone and trying to fend for...

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Elemental Affinity

With survival come challenges (The Cortii series Book 3)
By J C Steel

Cortiora Khyria Ilan, leader of the Wildcat Cortia of mercenaries, is sent to learn more about a medieval planet the Federated Planets Alliance wants to bring under its control in Elemental Affinity: With Survival Come Challenges by J.C. Steel. While rebellious Ilan is dealing with...

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Eyes in the Cave

Sequel to The Kirov Wolf
By R.H. Johnson

Eyes in the Cave is the fifth in the Detective Pete Nazareth series by author R.H. Johnson. For those who’ve read the fourth in the series, The Kirov Wolf, this story follows on from its ending. Dalton Stark, once the CIA’s top spy and a...


Recovery Book 1
By S. Alex Martin

Arman Lance has met Ladia Purnell, the girl from Belvun, during a summer holiday and since then he has lived in hope of reuniting with her again. “I haven’t forgotten who we were. What we meant to each other.” These are words that show how...

Eye of Charybdis

A Michael Neill Adventure
By Steve Wilson

Author Steve Wilson delights readers with his fourth Michael Neill Adventure in Eye of Charybdis. When Marine Corps Lieutenant Michael Neill and his love interest, Marine Staff Sergeant Christina Arrens, struggle to find a way to come together in an organization that forbids their union...


Echoes Trilogy Book 1
By Marc Buhmann

Earth is in dire straits. Political turmoil and a deadly virus have made life on Earth difficult. Starting a colony on a distant planet seems like a good way to escape the evils that have invaded the home planet. A group of individuals embarks...


By Kath Berryman

“‘We must protect the chalice and the sacred writings!’ cried Niamh of the Golden Hair. The sound of her commanding voice reduced the sound of the wailing wind to a frustrated whisper.” These are words we read at the opening of this enthralling tale of...


Vince Osbourne Series Book 1
By Peri Hoskins

East: Vince Osbourne Series Book 1 by Peri Hoskins is a literary road trip. An actual journey and a metaphorical one. I related to the protagonist Vince so much because when I was thirty I felt a lot like he does at that age. It’s...

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Subversion Saga Book 1
By Joshua Linscott

Eli Reznor, disillusioned by the state of democracy in modern America, dreams of redesigning a better form of government of the people, for the people, and by the people so that greedy corporations and complacent politicians no longer have all the advantages. Enloe, the first...

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