Fiction - Adventure

Chosen of Trees and of Talons

By Jeff Pryor

Chosen of Trees and of Talons by Jeff Pryor begins after a devastating war. Once the Arnesians were defeated, their king, Je'Hail Mulnaro, had to surrender his life along with his wife and last Truthseer in exchange for his people’s survival. Although they’d foreseen that...

Crushed Velvet

By Alicia L Wright

Crushed Velvet by Alicia L Wright is a captivating, dark and thrilling erotic novel that pushes the boundaries of romance. Scorching hot, sizzling, intense and darkly seductive, this novel exposes romance, emotions and a more realistic side of the world. The novel follows a gorgeous...


By Blaine C. Readler

Crusher by Blaine C. Readler is a science fiction novel that would appeal most to a diverse audience of young adults and adults who enjoy alien stories. Darren’s life is forever changed when he finds an alien behind his computer; an alien that had sent...


Clans and Castles
By P.M. Terrell

Checkmate: Clans and Castles by P.M. Terrell is a spellbinding novel that captures a historic moment in Irish history in the early 17th century, exploring the adventures of William Neely, who came to Ireland from Scotland in 1608 in the hope of fighting in King...

Champions of the Dragon

Epic Fallacy Book 1
By Michael James Ploof

Champions of the Dragon by Michael James Ploof is the first book in the Epic Fallacy trilogy. In every generation, five are chosen by the Most High Wizard Kazimir to be the Champions of the Dragon. The five chosen are unlikely companions: Murland is an...

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Clevenger Gold

The True Story of Murder and Unfound Treasure
By S.E. Swapp

Clevenger Gold: The True Story of Murder and Unfound Treasure by S.E. Swapp is a non-fiction historical account of the Clevenger family from the Arizona Territory and their journey to the Washington Territory. This is a book that would appeal most to a mixed audience...

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Crying Moon

By Liam McMillan

Geoff Boxer, a professional tracker, could have been content with his simple and laid back lifestyle, tracking criminals and lost persons with his dog and “constant companion for the past six years,” Gator, in the Punta Gorda, Florida area. Geoff seems to know every creek...


By Ken McConnell

Corvette by Ken McConnell is a sci fi/fantasy novel that would appeal most to a mixed audience of adults and young adults who enjoy fast-paced science fiction that takes place in space. Lieutenant Armon Vance despairs that his career in the fleet is over when...

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Award Winner

Calya Journey-Wise

Follow the Crystal Path
By Catherine L. Avizinis

From the language to the plot to character development, Catherine L. Avizinis' Calya Journey-Wise: Follow the Crystal Path had me completely engrossed, lost in contemplation of the world she’s created and the path the protagonist has to travel to retrieve the Seed Crystals that would...


Aliens and Humans - Allies and Enemies
By Don Foxe

Confrontation: Aliens and Humans – Allies and Enemies by Don Foxe jumps right into exciting action aboard the SFPT – 109 John F. Kennedy with a simulation of a space battle. Captain Daniel Cooper is concerned about making sure his staff of military, civilian and...

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