Fiction - Animals

Lord Banjo the Royal Pooch

By Kathy Penn

Lord Banjo is a dog. He’s actually a royal dog. At least, that’s what he claims based on his lineage to the Great Pyrenees, the breed declared by King Louis XIV to be the Royal Dogs of France. It doesn’t matter that Lord Banjo is...

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Born with Wings

The Immortal Life of Piu Piu
By Bianca Gubalke

With an exotic setting against the backdrop of the breathtaking landscapes of South Africa, Born with Wings: The Immortal Life of Piu Piu by Bianca Gubalke takes the reader on a spiritual journey that explores the mystery of life and the triumph over fear. Right...

Dinosaur Lake IV

Dinosaur Wars
By Kathryn Meyer Griffith

Dinosaur Lake IV: Dinosaur Wars by Kathryn Meyer Griffith is the final book in an epic series. Henry Shore, Chief Park Ranger of Crater Lake National Park has been fighting dinosaurs for seven years and now the infestation is appearing all over the world. The...

Shell Game

A Black Cat Novel
By A.B. Funkhauser

Shell Game: A Black Cat Novel by A.B. Funkhauser is a great book for cat lovers, a story that is laced with drama and humor. Meet Carlos the Wonder Cat whose life has been that of a carefree pet roaming his quiet neighborhood. But...

Howie's Journal

A Service Dog's Playful Journey
By G.G. Conte

Howie’s Journal: A Service Dog’s Playful Journey is an insightful and inspiring story, narrated by a service dog and written by G.G. Conte. After careful training, Howie patiently waits to be chosen by a special human who loves him and is in need of his...

Sheltered Hope

Read Write Ponder, Book 4
By Richelle Renae

Sheltered Hope is a heart-warming animal story from the Read Write Ponder Series, written by Richelle Renae. A twelve-year-old boy brings a stray puppy home to the farm, much to the discontent of his parents. After some gentle coaxing and convincing, however, the boy is...

A Bark in the Night

The Talking Dog Detective Agency Book 1
By M K Scott

A female detective and a spell-enhanced dog are chasing villains in the enchanting sleuth mystery novel A Bark In The Night (The Talking Dog Detective Agency Book 1) by M.K. Scott. Feeling like she spent a year with an egocentric, loud, boisterous, and germ infested...

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Padma and the Elephant Sutra

By Wayne Snowden

Padma and the Elephant Sutra by W.L. Snowden is a journey through history as elephants search for a better future, in an adventure filled with myth, history, and hope. When Padma is discovered in the water, the elephants find her strange as she has no...

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101 Reasons I'd Rather Marry My Cat

By Katharine Benelli Coggeshall

101 Reasons I’d Rather Marry My Cat is the second book in the 101 Series, written by Katharine Benelli Coggeshall. Cat lovers around the world will be nodding their heads in agreement at the many reasons listed, showing why cats are the best companions to...

A Dog Named Derf

By Raven H Price

Derf is Fred spelled backwards. It is a unique name for a very unique and special dog, a cherished family pet, but, more importantly, a member of the family. Derf knew he was different, even as a puppy. His coat was uniquely colored and he...

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